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How To Get Rid Of Frown Lines Naturally

Frown lines

Frown lines are aging, but fortunately you can dramatically reduce their appearance or even eliminate them without visiting a doctor or submitting to Botox injections. Botox is an effective and safe way to reduce and eliminate wrinkles, but many people are concerned about injecting toxins into their skin.

There are many reasons for getting frown lines on the face. Some of the leading causes include squinting, vision focusing, stress, environmental pollution, excessive exposure under the sun, etc. Some of the lines become very deep over time and it is difficult to erase them.

Although there are many treatments like retinoid treatment, Botox, treatment, chemical peels, etc, all of them are not a permanent cure and are not natural; hence there is fear of side effects of using these treatments. There are hundreds of home remedies for treating frown lines.

Remove Frown Lines Naturally

Erasing Frown Wrinkles

Some of the effective remedies for erasing the frown wrinkles include milk treatment. In this treatment, apply milk over the frown lines and leave it till drying. As milk is a good source of alpha hydroxyl acids, they help in skin exfoliation.  Milk also improves collagen production and hence reduces the wrinkles.

Oil Treatment For Frown Wrinkles

Vitamin E oil aids in the production of collagen and reducing the skin wrinkles. As avocado is also a rich source of vitamin E, the flesh of avocado can be applied over the wrinkles regularly for complete eradication of frown wrinkles.

Fruity Treatment

Apply papaya pulp over the frown wrinkles and leave it for about 20 minutes and then wash with milk followed by water for removing the frown lines from the face. Oat meal can also be combined with the fruit for making a fruit mask that can be applied over the skin for removing the frown marks. You can also apply aloe Vera gel over the frown lines that help in minimizing the wrinkles. Foods that are rich in omega 3 fatty acids help in wrinkle prevention due to frowning.

Diet Alterations

In the first place, a healthy diet menu is essential to erase or prevent frown lines on the face. Make diet menu that is rich in various fruits, vegetable, and importantly avoid smoking if you do. Avoid heavy drinking, excessive exposure under the sun, repeated face expressions like frowning, excitements, etc. You can also practice new exercises that help in removing facial frown lines.

Effective Facial Exercises

In order to start the exercise, first bring your eyebrows down and try to crinkle the nose to the maximum extent. Wait in this position for few seconds and repeat it for at least 5 times consecutively.

You can also lean your head backward by hanging the head towards the bed or couch back. In this position, try to open your mouth and eyes as wide as possible and stay in this position for a few seconds and then relax your face for some time. The whole process has to be repeated for at least 5 times consecutively.

The last exercise is to frown your face as much as possible for few seconds and then relax. The whole exercise can be repeated for 5 times continuously.

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