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How to Get Rid Of Dandruff


Formation of new cells and shedding of old cells is a continuous process in our skin. So occur with scalp. Scalp sheds off little amount of dead cells in the form of white flakes daily which.

When scalp skin starts excessive flaking off that becomes problem. There is no particular known cause of dandruff It might be seasonal (too cool or too hot weather), due to lack of hygiene, oily scalp skin and hair.

There are so many anti dandruff shampoos available in the market on how to remove dandruff but going for natural ways is always good.

Ways To Get Rid Of Dandruff With Natural Ways

Massaging Scalp

Massaging scalp is an easy and best natural remedy for dandruff. Lukewarm coconut oil is recommended the most for massage, though almond oil and mustard oil are also better alternatives.

Oil nourishes the scalp and massage increases the blood circulation in the scalp. If you can massage regular then the result will appear faster otherwise once in a week must be done.

Fenugreek Seeds Paste

Soak the fenugreek seeds overnight in the water. Two tablespoons would be enough. Drain the seeds in the next morning and make their paste. Don’t through the water left but keep it safe for further use. Apply this paste on scalp and leave for half hour.

Wash hair thoroughly after half hour. Apply the paste twice in a week for two weeks and after this reduce the frequency to once in a week. Apply the water in which seeds were soaked over the scalp when hair gets dry. This remedy doesn’t allow dandruff to come back.

Lemon Juice

Lemon juice is one more effective natural remedy for dandruff. Massage scalp with fresh lemon juice once in a week for dandruff free hair. Another excellent remedy is to make paste with fuller’s earth and lemon juice and apply to your scalp once in a week. This paste deep cleanses the scalp by removing the sebum and dead cells.

Instead of fuller’s earth you can use sandalwood in the same way. One more lemon juice remedy is to warm two cup of water; add one tablespoon lemon and coconut oil into warm water. Rinse hair with this mixture and massage scalp with it.


Curd massage on scalp every time before hair wash helps ridding dandruff and leaves smooth and silky hair. Wash hair after one hour of applying curd.

Aloe Vera Gel

This is very simple natural remedy for dandruff. Apply aloe Vera gel on the scalp before going to bed. Next day wash out hair preferably with herbal shampoo.


Mix cosmetic vinegar to warm water (which is three times the quantity of vinegar). Apply this mixture to scalp and hair, cover head with cloth and leave it overnight. Wash out hair next day.


Though irritation makes you to scratch the scalp but try to control over itching finger otherwise fingernails will cause wounds on scalp. Bring down the use of dyes, colors, sprays and gels as these products flare up the problem.

Along with remedies you should lower intake of tea and coffee. Drinking lots of water and fresh fruit juices is very helpful. Completely stop eating junk and fried food, and include green vegetables and fruits to your diet.

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