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How To Get Pregnant With Twins Naturally

Get Pregnant With Twins Naturally

There are surprisingly a good number of parents who love to have twins. Although most of them are aware that there exist some artificial methods like inseminating artificially with multiple embryo, many try to know how to get pregnant with twins naturally.

In order to conceive twins, there is no single guaranteed natural method. The mothers-to-be can only combine some of the possible natural means to accomplish their desire by increasing the chance of twin consumption.

Understand The Family History

If either of the partner’s family history has a twin conception, then the chances of getting twins are higher. Genetics play an important role in the possibility of getting pregnant with twins naturally.

Gain Body Weight

In most of the cases it has been observed that increased body weight helps to increase the chance of getting pregnant with twins naturally. This factor relates with the production of estrogen and progesterone. These hormones play an active role in the menstruation cycle and determine the ovulation. This may cause hyper ovulation, but is not solely responsible for getting twins in the womb naturally.

Take Food That Trigger Hyperovulation

It has been well noted that the foods that contain abundant amount of cholesterol has chances to stimulate hyper ovulation. There are some other foods which are particularly known for causing hyperovulation. They include wild yams and the Maca which are mostly found in Peru. Both of them are effective in stimulating hyperovulation as it has the potential to increase the progesterone levels in the system. Some other foods that stimulate the progesterone levels are tofu, soy isoflavones, wheat germ, whole grains, walnuts, etc.

Increase The Number Of Pregnancies

Studies show that more pregnancies by a woman increases the chance of getting twins naturally. Each pregnancy is likely to increase the chance of getting twin conception. Hence the woman who has given birth previously has more chance of getting twins in the next time. This is again related to the increased level of progesterone with more pregnancies that can help twin pregnancy in future.

Advance In Age May Cause Twin Pregnancy

Statistic shows that a woman who advances in age from mid thirties to forties are more probable of getting pregnant with twins. This however does not mean that pregnancy has to be delayed to mid thirties in order to accomplish the desire to achieve twins.

Take Extra Fat Dairy Products

Taking extra fat dairy products are likely to stimulate hyper ovulation. This is because the fat is again the cholesterol which triggers the progesterone level which is usually responsible for more eggs to be produced for fertilization during ovulation.

The above hints are the probable natural tips to get pregnant with twins without any artificial methods like laboratory insemination. It is however not a guaranteed method or a prescribed advice on how to get pregnant with twins naturally. Those parents who would love to have twins may try most of the possible methods mentioned above for a successful pregnancy with a twins without artificial means.

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