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How To Get Pregnant With HPV


The presence of HPV is difficult to diagnose. However, it should not overly compromise with your ability to get pregnant and carry a baby to term.

However, if the strain of the HPV virus is particularly lethal, it may become difficult to carry a baby to term especially if the strain causes precancerous or cancerous lesions in the cervix.

HPV is one of the most common sexually transmitted viruses and is normally spread through promiscuous and unprotected sexual intercourse. However, it is easy to resolve and treat.

HPV strains can cause genital warts, which may develop even on the cervix. These warts can become cancerous at a later stage and need to be removed. Precancerous cells in the cervix are nothing to fear and can be easily dealt with some routine gynaecological procedures.

Ways To Get Pregnant With HPV

Genital Herpes

HPV is also known to cause genital herpes and this can be effectively treated with the help of routine medication to help overcome the infection. Thereafter the woman can go on to become pregnant.


In case cancer cells are detected in the cervix, these cells can be destroyed with the help of Loop electrosurgical Excision procedure (LEEP). In this procedure, an electrically charged wire is used to kill the cancerous cells. These cells are then destroyed.


Cryosurgery is another procedure in which the cancer cells occurring in the cervix are frozen and destroyed. The frozen cells are easily sloughed and fall off from the cervix and are then replaced by healthy cells.

Cone Biopsy

A cone biopsy may be done to remove a portion of the cervix. Once this treatment is over, the woman can then be told about a step-by-step method to become pregnant.


Early vaccination against the HPV strain can protect many women from being infected by the HPV virus and this can then enable them to have a successful pregnancy without worrying about being infected.

While these procedures are effective in removing the cancerous cells , they do make it difficult for the woman to have a baby and restore her fertility. The woman may have to be put on certain fertility drugs in order to produce eggs and have the eggs fertilized.

Sexual Contact

Achieving a pregnancy with one infected partner may be difficult as it may spread the infection to the non-infected partner. While there is no cure for HPV, the warts can be treated with the help of medication and a pregnancy can then be successfully achieved.

PAP Smears

In case you have an incidence of cervical cancer in the family, it is prudent to get yourself a PAP smear done every year to rule out cancer. This is especially crucial if you have been trying very hard for a baby and have not been successful.

In the meantime, you can continue to have unprotected sexual intercourse with your partner to help you achieve a pregnancy. The above steps can go a long way in treating HPV infections and aiding in conception.

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