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How To Get Naturally Soft Pink Lips

pink lips

The color of the lips is determined by the skin color and the amount of melanin pigment in the lips. In dark people, the lips contain more amount of melanin pigment, and hence the color. The red and pink color of the lips is the blood circulation in the lips. However, if your lips become dark and do not come back to its original color, this signals some health problem in your body.

There are few general practices that can be followed personally to avoid darkening of the lips and make it stay healthy. One primary thing is that you have to quit smoking if you do. In addition, take care in your diet. It is better to avoid tea and coffee as they tend to make lips dark.

You can also use lipstick that has sunscreen properties so that it prevents the skin from tanning due to the effect of direct sun rays. In day to day routine, apply glycerin or a thin petroleum jelly layer before going to bed, to help hydrate your lips.

Tips To Get Naturally Soft Pink Lips

Lip Moisturizing

First step is to use an exfoliating face wash and wash your lips in round motions so that it can scrub any dead cells or dried layers on the lips. This way, your lips look clean and look pink.

Makeup Help

If you are planning to go to some party or public gathering, first use a lip concealer and then apply pink lipstick to make your lips look pink. You can also try using lip stain that gives a natural lip color. In some cases, long wearing the lip color can also help to lighten your lips.

Home Remedy For Pink Lips

You can scrub your lips with petroleum jelly and toothbrush, followed by applying honey on the lips to keep them hydrated, and moist to give a healthy, radiant lip.

General Tips

In order to get healthy, glowing lips, you can use a foundation in your lips that prevents your lips from getting stained due to the lipstick you use every day.  It is also better to avoid dark tones of lipstick and stick to light or neutral tones always. You can also nourish your lips with almond oil or olive oil as a daily beauty regime.

You can also remove all the lipstick traces from your lips and apply some night cream over the lips before going to bed. Finally, you will also compulsorily have to drink plenty of water every day to remove unwanted toxins from your body and improve body and lip tone gradually.

Diet Tips

In order to get a pink or red color lips free from flaws, you can apply juices of fruit like lemon, orange, etc or fruits that are acidic in nature. The juice can be applied over the dark portions of the lip or to the lip as a whole and then they can be washed with little gram flour mixed with honey.

After this treatment, apply moisturizer over the lips to prevent it from drying and dehydrated. Consuming a lot of green leafy vegetables and citrus fruits help in improving the lip color.

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