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How To Fade Hyperpigmentation Naturally


Hyperpigmentation is a skin disorder which occurs in the form of dark colored spots on the skin. The problem occurs due to excessive production of melanin in the skin, which makes the affected area quite dark. It is essential for the skin to produce some amount of melanin, so that adequate tone of the skin is maintained. However, at times, the brown pigment, melanin, is produced in excess, which results in dark patches on the skin.

There are several treatments, which you can follow to fade hyperpigmentation. However, the best solution is to treat it through herbs. Herbal remedies do not have side effects, and are therefore quite safe as compared to commercially packaged products. In this article, we shall throw light on some effectual herbal remedies to treat hyperpigmentation.

Herbs To Fade Hyperpigmentation

A few effective herbs to fade hyperpigmentation are discussed hereunder:


Gingko works amazingly with respect to fighting against an enzyme known as tyrosinase, which is mainly responsible for dark colored spots on the skin.


The dried leaf extract of mulberry can be included in the diet to fight against hyperpigmentation. The herb is enriched with a component called “mulberroside F”, which helps in restricting the activity of enzymes which result in skin discoloration. The skin would get lightened wonderfully with the aid of including this herb in the diet.


One of the best herbs to fade hyperpigmentation is fenugreek. This herb contains an element called “diosgenin” which helps in reducing the production of melanin in the skin. This would eventually help in fading the dark spots on the skin, subsequently fighting against hyperpigmentation.


Application of licorice extract on the skin would help in reducing the skin discoloration in an effectual way. Regular use of this herbal extract would help to fade hyperpigmentation successfully.

Green Tea

Green tea is one of the most effective herbs to deal with skin discoloration. Use of green tea on the skin would not only help to treat hyperpigmentation, but would also protect the skin from premature aging.


Turmeric is considered to be a very effectual herbal remedy for skin discolorations. Detailed research studies have been conducted with respect to effectiveness of turmeric to treat hyperpigmentation. Also, it helps in protecting the skin from the damage that might be caused due to exposure of the skin to ultra violet rays of the sun.

Further, it prevents premature skin aging in an effective manner. With the aid of using the aforementioned herbs, the problem of hyperpigmentation would be treated to a massive extent. These herbs do not have any side effect and are better alternatives to commercial products.

Apart from making use of the above discussed herbs to fade hyperpigmentation, it is also recommended to drink lot of water and eat healthy foods, so that the health of the skin is maintained.  Further, it is also recommended for an individual to include papaya in the regular diet program, as it helps in getting rid of dead cells of the skin, hence enabling to get a fresh and revitalized skin from inside.

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