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How to Deal With Newborn Constipation

Newborn Constipation

Most newborn babies will not face any kind of problems in their bowel movements for 24 to 48 hours after their birth. However, after this point many babies tend to face difficulty in bowel movement and this leads to newborn constipation.

Constipation tends to be uncomfortable on the baby and also on the parents. However, dealing with newborn constipation is quite easy. The bowel movements that newborns have in the first week of their life usually leads to stool that is blackish or dark green in nature. Babies with constipation will usually keep passing this kind of stool and it is often an indication that the baby may be going hungry.

Increasing the feeding cycle a little may help in relieving the constipation. At the same time, if the baby is having both breast milk and formula, it might be a good idea to cut down on the formula for a little while. Another way of dealing with newborn constipation is to change the kind of formula the baby is being fed as well. Often enough this will reduce the problem within hours.

If that does not work, add more water in the formula to make the mixture more watery and easier to digest. Sometimes, the baby becomes constipated because the body does get enough time to digest the food. Mothers should start changing their feeding schedule and have frequent feedings throughout the day to prevent constipation.

When a newborn is constipated, it can be a very stressful on its digestive system and stomach. To help the baby through this time, one can trymassaging the baby in a tub full of warm water. The water should come just above the surface of the stomach and then a gentle rub can be quite effective in reducing constipation.

Other than these, one can ask their paediatrician for simple medicine and remedies that relieve newborn constipation. New mothers can use glycerine in the food, liquid glycerine and flax oil in the formula to get the bowels moving and relieve the constipation. Using diluted fruit juice is another quick fix for newborns. Overall, just a few changes in diet and timing of the food should be good enough to relieve any signs of stomach problem and get a happy newborn baby.

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