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Home Remedies For Numbness In Toes And Fingers


Numbness, aka Hypoesthesia, indicates a lack of sensation in some particular area of your body. Everyone, at some point, goes through this numbness for a while. This is a very common phenomenon that causes tingling or sharp pain in the affected area. Numbness in the toes and fingers is usually the symptom of an underlying health disorder that damages the nerve, and bring on nerve injury or an abnormal pressure on the nerves.

It is a very common problem. There are many causes, including constant pressure on the hands and feet, exposure to cold objects, temporary nerve compression, a nerve injury, excessive drinking, smoking, fatigue, lack of activity and nutritional deficiency of vitamin B12 or magnesium.

How to Cures For Numbness In Toes And Fingers

Epsom Salt

Mix one tablespoon of Epsom salt in a tub filled with warm water. Soak your hand and feet in it for ten minutes. Repeat it every day.


Yoga is often beneficial for people experiencing numbness in the toes and feet. Yoga poses that improve blood circulation in the hands and feet and strengthen muscles help to improve the sensation in the toes and fingers. Yoga poses that stretch the spine and the neck, such as the downward facing dog pose, help to correct poor posture and reduce numbness in the hands and feet.

Strengthening the muscles in the legs and abdomen and stretching the back through yoga poses stimulate blood flow to the legs, thereby helping to restore the sensation in the legs. To realize the benefits of yoga, remember to practice the yoga poses under the supervision of an experienced yoga instructor.

Carpal tunnel syndrome and repeated stress injuries in the wrist are common causes of numbness in the fingers that can be treated with simple wrist exercises. Extend the palm upwards, and remain in this position for about five seconds and then straighten the wrist. Repeat this exercise five to ten times. To reduce the numbness in the fingers, with the fist clenched rotate the wrist. For better result, consider holding a lightweight object such as a can while rotating the wrist.


Add a spoon of turmeric and honey in a glass of milk, and drink it daily. Or else, combine turmeric and water to make a paste and apply it on the affected area. Massage it for a few minutes. The presence of a compound, called curcumin, improves the blood flow.

B Vitamins

Vitamins B6, B7 and B12 can provide relief from numbness. These vitamins are essential for maintaining the nerves functions. Consuming about 30 mcg of vitamin B7 daily may improve the sensation in the toes and fingers. Deficiency of vitamin B12 increases the risk of damage to the myelin sheath, which encases the nerve cells. Ingesting 2.4 mcg of vitamin B12 daily can alleviate numbness in the extremities.

Vitamin D

By inhibiting absorption of calcium, deficiency of vitamin D may cause numbness in the toes and fingers. Calcium is essential for sustaining the health and function of the muscles and the nerves. Deficiency of calcium is frequently accompanied by deficiency of vitamin D.

Avoiding the sunlight is the most common cause of vitamin D deficiency. The natural vitamin D synthesis process tends to slow down with age, making elderly people vulnerable to numbness in the toes and fingers. Deficiency of this important nutrient can be corrected by spending few minutes in the sun and consuming foods fortified with vitamin D and vitamin D supplements.


Cinnamon contains numerous chemicals and nutrients, including manganese and potassium along with many important B vitamins. Its nutritional properties help improve blood flow to your arms and legs, and thus help treat numbness in hands and feet. Experts recommend taking 2 to 4 grams of cinnamon powder daily for good blood circulation.

Indian Gooseberry

Mix one tablespoon of Indian gooseberry powder in a glass of milk and consume it daily, in the morning. You can either mix it with water and drink the solution or swallow the powder followed by a glass of water.


Massaging your hands and feet when numbness occurs is another easy way to deal with this problem. It increases blood circulation, which in turn lessens numbness. Moreover, it helps stimulate the nerves and muscles, thereby improving their overall functioning.

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