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7 Tips To Build Muscles In Older Men


Age is just the number when you have the determination to look and stay fit. Many older men are indulging into the processes of building muscles irrespective of their ages. Having more muscles means the ability of the body to burn more calories that lead to a fit body with less fat count.

In addition to that, muscles act as a protective covering for bones, ligaments and tendons. Elderly men are getting exposed to these benefits are thus getting into the process of building muscles. So, here are some important tips on how to build muscles in older men.

Tips to Build Muscles In Older Men

Consult your Physician

Before you start the process of muscle building, it is essential that you visit your physician and seek his or her consultation. Many older men have health complications and restrictions and thus nit is essential to go through a thorough check up to get assessment of the overall health. Once the physician gives green signal, you can go ahead.

Warm-up First

Muscle building involves some heavy duty exercising and this is important to prepare your body for such strains. You have to indulge into warm-up exercises before you start lifting weights or else you can end up getting injured. The bottom line is preparing your muscles for workout and you can do this by simply walking, jogging and stretching.

Indulge into Weight Lifting

For building muscles, it is important to lift weight, irrespective of the age factor. You can use the weight machines or simple dumbbells for muscle buildup.

Exercise Different Parts of the body

It is important to focus on different parts of the body while doing exercises. Suppose you are lifting weight two times in a week, you can concentrate on your lower body alternatively with the upper body.

Continue this frequently and the body areas will further get targeted. You can also work out on legs and abs on one day, shoulder and chest on the other day and biceps and triceps on the next day.

Make a Planned Approach

Consult your fitness trainer and prepare a plan for your muscle build up program. Select the weight that you want to use initially and perform ten to twelve sets with the same weight. You will feel a slight fatigue but your muscles will not feel strained and thus you have to use heaver weights for the next sets. The transformation of the weights must be smooth and with the proper advice of your fitness expert.

Inclusion of Cardio

Apart from weight lifting, you have to indulge into the cardio vascular exercises as well. Everyday, you should conduct a brisk cardio routine for some half an hour as it keeps your heart in a healthy condition apart from toning muscles and improving overall health.

Take Adequate Rest

It is important to take rest so that the muscles get a healing period between the workout sessions. This is important as it helps in building more muscles, Best thing to do is working out on one muscle group in a week and then moving to another group in the next week. These are some of the effective tips for building muscles in older men

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