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How To Build Big Triceps Muscles

How To Build Big Triceps Muscles

The triceps are one of the most oddly shaped muscles in the human body running from the back of the shoulder to the elbow. The main functionality of the triceps muscle is to allow extension of elbow from a bent position.

Because of the odd shape and strategic location of the triceps muscles, it is considered to be one of the harder muscles to train and build.  Substantial care needs to be taken when working on the triceps muscles due to its odd shape and sensitive location. Modern bodybuilding techniques and sports science has clear evidence to show that triceps are better developed if trained alone on a given day rather than in combination with chest or any other bigger muscles.

Although developing killer triceps can be a hard nut to crack, but by using correct triceps building exercise and techniques with a muscle building diet, there is no doubt that bigger and stronger triceps can be developed making your upper arms look even more muscular and in proportion to the bulging biceps.

How To Build Big Triceps Muscles

Triceps Exercise Schedule and Rest

In the olden period, most bodybuilders used to train triceps muscles in combination with the chest or the biceps muscles.

Muscles are not made in the gym but are build in the recovery period between two exercise sessions. The muscles get repaired when the body is resting and that alone is the most important factor for developing not only triceps muscles but any muscles in the body.

Since triceps is a small muscle group, it is important to attain a balance between training and recovery periods by neither working nor resting the muscle for extensive period of time.

Rotation Of Triceps Exercise Workouts

It’s important to know the right triceps workout in synchronization with the ultimate goal for each individual.  Most people follow a one size fits all triceps exercise routine, not understanding the difference between a triceps workout for strength or muscle growth.

No matter what your goal, keep rotating your exercises so that the muscles doesn’t get used to one form of exercise and maximize its chances to develop further.

Must Have Triceps Exercises In your Training Program

Although there are many exercises and machines that cater to the development of triceps muscles but there are some very effective triceps building exercises mostly used by bodybuilding champions. Be sure to include the below mention exercises in your triceps training schedule at one point of time.

Close Grip Bench Press

Close-grip bench press is a great exercise to develop triceps heads. By keeping the elbows short of lockout during the press, helps in maintaining tensions on the muscles during the exercise.  Include 3 sets of 15-20 repetitions each or alter as per your exercise program.

Parallel Bar Dips

Parallel bar dips are favoured exercise for triceps since it works on all aspects and various heads of the triceps muscle.  Always remember that keeping the core of the body as straight as possible maximizes the tension on the triceps muscles bringing out very impressive results.

Close Grip Pushdowns

Close grip push downs are probably the most famous tricpes exercises being used over the years. One small tip while performing close grip pushdowns is to ALWAYS keep elbows tucked as close to the body as possible to attain desired results and impressive bulging and burning triceps.

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