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5 Best Tips To Build Arm Muscle Mass


It is a dream of many men to have those powerful pair of arms. It looks impressive to have those imposing forearms along with well-chiseled triceps and biceps

When you have such strong arms, it becomes easier to perform many physical activities where arm muscle strength is required. But how to build arm muscle mass? This must be the question in your mind if you wish to have such powerful arms.

How To Build Arm Muscle Mass

How To Add Muscle Mass-High Intensity Training

It is plain simple that you have to train your arms if you want to make them well developed. You have to strain them with physical effort so that they can grow, but it is important to do it in a right way.

It is definitely not the solution to perform lots of repeats and sets rather you have to take up a planned approach.

Prepare Action Plan

Make a plan of how many days you will dedicate to train your arm muscles in a week. The arm muscles are inclusive of forearms, biceps and triceps and these are small group muscles that do not require excessive training.

You may find it hard to believe that just training your biceps, triceps and forearms for some fifteen minutes is enough for a day. Thus, spending more time in a gym than what actually your body needs, means doing nothing.

It is recommended that you train different parts of the body on different days, as the body will not have sufficient energy conduct long and strenuous workout regime. Spending 45-60 minutes everyday for a section of arm muscle daily is ideal.

Build Muscle Mass On Arm With Right Sets

Doing six to nine sets is good for the arm muscles and the number of repetitions for every set should be six to ten. You have to select the weight range that will allow you to complete the repetitions of six to ten.

Suppose you are only being able to do four repetitions per set. It means the weight you are using is too heavy. Alternatively, if you can do fifteen to sixteen repetitions, the weight is too light. Thus, you have to select the right weight and perform two-three sets for forearms, biceps and triceps per exercise

Ideal Exercises For Building Arm Muscle Mass

For your forearms, you can perform wrist curls with palms up and down. For biceps, dumbbell curls, barbell curls, preacher curls, and concentration curls are effective, while for triceps you can try skull crushes, cable pull down, triceps extension, weighted dips, triceps kickback and close grip bench press. Make sure that you do not over-strain your arm muscles, as it will prevent the growth.

Importance Of Diet To Build Muscle Mass

Eat big, but only good food, not the junk stuffs, if you want those big arms. A high protein diet is essential for building arm muscle mass as it supplies amino acids that help in muscle growth. You can include chicken breast, lean meat, salmon fillet, white fish, red lentils, egg whites and tuna in your diet The combination of right exercise and right diet can help you gain big and attractive arm muscles.

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