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How To Bleach Skin Safe

How To Bleach Skin Safe

Bleaching your skin is a controversial subject and one that certainly raises many questions and concerns. Also referred to as skin whitening or skin lightening, skin bleaching involves using chemicals to lighten up the tone of the skin, or to bring about a more even and uniform complexion on people who may have uneven skin tones.

Some women may suffer from melisma as well; Melisma is a type of skin discoloration that happens during pregnancy. At times aging, exposure to sunlight, depression, pollution and medications may also cause skin discoloration. All these problems arise due to excessive production of melanin within the body.

Bleaching The Skin

The common practice for lightening the skin is skin bleaching and as long as the procedures are followed properly, it’s safe and effective.  There are different types of skin whiteners or lighteners commonly such as hydroquinone, mercury and steroids. Previously Hydroquinone was the only substance considered to be safe for bleaching the skin because of its ability to react with tyrosinase, which is an enzyme that triggers the formation of melanin.

But, because of the increased incidence of ochronosis, forced FDA to ban the usage of hydroquinone as a bleaching agent along with mercury and steroids. However, in many countries, hydroquinone with a concentration of 2 percent or less is still available over the counter as bleaching agent but a higher concentration requires prescription. Those who use hydroquinone should avoid exposure to sun and should use sunscreen when they are exposed to sunlight.

How To Bleach Skin

Don’t worry; instead of using harmful chemicals many natural methods are available to bleach the skin. In order to have healthy skin, you must take good rest and sufficient sleep, as skin does its repair works while sleeping. Also drink plenty of water, which helps to flush out the toxins within the body and provides a healthy skin. Above all, take a well-balanced diet that is rich in fiber rich foods like fruits and vegetables, as they contains plenty of antioxidants that are capable of removing the free radicals and toxins from the body. Drinking green tea also helps, as it is also a good source of antioxidants.

Moreover, you have to cleanse and moisturize your skin to get a beautiful skin tone. This is because; exposure to pollution, sun, dust and aging accumulates lots of unwanted things on the skin, which should be cleansed properly to have flawless skin.

In order to rejuvenate the skin you can apply sandalwood paste, lemon juice or honey-turmeric paste on the skin. Combine one tablespoon of honey with turmeric powder to make a thick paste and apply it on the skin for fifteen minutes. This will not only lighten the skin, but also reduce the pimples anddark spots. Similarly mix one tablespoon of sandalwood powder with lemon juice and make a paste.

This facilitates the reduction of excessive production of melanin.  Lemon juice if applied in combination with turmeric powder and cucumber puree also helps to bleach the skin and provides a healthy glow to the skin. Care should be taken to apply this paste only at night, as it makes the skin photosensitive.

There are many skin bleaching products that contain natural ingredients in them, such products can be applied on the skin to lighten the skin, but only after doing a patch test over the elbow region.

How to Bleach Your Skin – Tips and Precaution

There small mistakes that most people do while bleaching skin hence affecting the outcome. Here are some of the relevant tips you need to know and apply while lightening your skin naturally at home.

  • You are advised not to bleach a damaged, wounded or burned skin.
  • Avoid natural ingredients that you are allergic to since they can irritate and cause itchy skin.
  • Skin and allergy test is important before application of any skin bleaching product. Take a little amount and apply on skin for prescribed time.

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