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How To Avoid Hypertension In Pregnancy


Maintaining good health during pregnancy should be a priority for every woman. Good health during pregnancy means keeping your blood sugar level, your weight and blood pressure under control. Hypertension in pregnancy is the leading cause for foetal problems like premature birth, low birth weight of the baby and still born baby. It also causes complications for the mother at the time of delivery.

You may suffer from high blood pressure during pregnancy if you are already suffering from hypertension or you are above 40 years of age. Other risk factors include being overweight, improper diet, lack of physical activity or if you are carrying more than one foetus.

You should keep a watch on your blood pressure level as soon as you are pregnant. Get regular checkups with your gynaecologist and follow her/his advice. You can avoid hypertension in pregnancy by following the tips that are mentioned below.

Tips To Avoid Hypertension In Pregnancy

Reduce Sodium intake

If you are in a habit of sprinkling salt on your salads, quit it to control high blood pressure. Vegetables contain natural salts and the extra sodium that you add causes high blood pressure. Your total salt intake should not be more than one tea spoon per day. Avoid chips, processed cheese and junk food to reduce your salt intake.

Reduce Stress

Stress is one of the major causes for hypertension in pregnancy. It is natural for women to suffer from increased level of stress during pregnancy. This is the time when so many physical and emotional changes are taking place in your lives. You have to make certain lifestyle changes as well and for that you need the support of your family.

You can take outside help for daily chores to reduce stress and strain. Take enough rest and do not tire yourself. Get adequate sleep to lower your blood pressure. Do deep breathing and meditation to reduce your stress and blood pressure level.


Moderate exercise is essential to manage hypertension in pregnancy. You must consult your doctor for an exercise plan and do it regularly. A sedentary lifestyle will cause excess weight gain, which will further cause hypertension.

Do short walks of 5-10 minutes duration two to three times a day. You can join Lamaze classes in your area where you will be taught the right breathing techniques and stress management. Certain yoga poses are also beneficial to avoid hypertension in pregnancy.

Watch Your Diet

Certain foods help to control high blood pressure during pregnancy. Spinach, banana, beans, soy and skim milk are beneficial for expectant mothers to avoid hypertension. Consumption of dark chocolates in moderation also prevents hypertension in pregnancy.

Drink plenty of water and other fluids to prevent constipation. Orange, grapefruit and sweet lime contain rich amounts of Vitamin C, which helps to keep blood pressure level under control.

Avoid the use of salt in fruit juice. Coconut water is a healthy option to avoid hypertension in pregnancy. You should drink 250 ml. of coconut water every day to manage your blood pressure level. If the above mentioned tips do not work for you, you must consult your doctor to manage hypertension in pregnancy.

Reducing salt

intake Often, when people with high blood pressure cut back on salt, their blood pressure falls. Cutting back on salt also prevents blood pressure from rising.

Get off the couch

Get up and get moving before you conceive. If you’re already pregnant, ask your doctor about starting a regular exercise program. Sedentary women are likely to gain weight, which can increase the risk of hypertension during pregnancy, as well as before and after. Try to start your pregnancy at a healthy body weight.

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