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Home Remedies To Reduce Melanin Naturally


Melanin is perhaps the biggest factor that leads to darkening of your skin complexion. The quantity of melanin in a person’s body determines the shade of their skin. The amount of melanin in the body determines whether you look fair or dark.

Most of us crave for a brighter and lighter skin tone, as it enhances the look and appearance of a person. The accumulation of the melanin level in the body depends on two major factors- genetic and exposure to the sun. The former cause is inborn and cannot be prevented whereas the latter can be controlled by less exposure or complete protection from the UV rays of the sun.

It would be interesting for you to know that melanin is a brown pigment that the body generates as a defense against the harmful sunrays. There might be innumerable treatments available in the market. Not only are these highly expensive but have a set of side effects attached to them. However, natural solutions are the best substitute to reduce the levels of melanin in the body. Here is a skin care guide that lists down the most effective remedies for you-

Home Remedies for Melanin Reduction

Use A Good Sunscreen

One of the best ways, to not only reduce the melanin levels in the skin but to also prevent its formation is to     use an SPF content sunscreen before stepping out of the house during day time. This will give you full protection from the UVA and UVB rays of the sun to the significant parts of the body that affects the beauty. The SPF should be at least 30 and above.

Vitamins That Help

The major vitamins that help is considerable reduction of melanin pigment in the skin includes Vitamin A, C, K and E. Make sure that your daily diet include all the food items that are rich in these vitamins. This will make your body avoid hyper pigmentation and darkening.

The vitamins will enhance the cell renewal process and clean the skin of dead cells, protect the skin from sun rays naturally, control the signs of aging and brown spots, remove the discolorations caused by melanin production and exfoliate the skin. This results in a youthful, fairer and rejuvenated skin.

Try And Stay Indoors During Day

The more you move out of the house, the greater chances of melanin production and darker the skin. Try and stay indoors as much as possible when the sun rays are at its crest. The lesser you come in direct contact with sun exposure, the faster the body will reduce the production of melanin.

Cover Yourself Up

It is always suggested that you keep yourself covered with clothing as much as possible when you are out. This will protect the skin from UVA rays when you move out in the sun during day time. Along with this try and wear sun hats and sunglasses as an additional shield.

Use Natural Products

There are a lot of chemicals in the cosmetics and skin care products that might worsen the situation of melanin in the body. Therefore, it is recommended that you use as much natural products for the skin as are possible.

Tomato, Oatmeal and Yogurt

Tomato and yogurt are both natural bleach and yogurt also has skin tightening properties. Oatmeal woks to scrub you skin. Together, they can remove pigmentation.

Extract the juice from a tomato and mix it with ½ teaspoon of yogurt and 2 teaspoons of oatmeal, mixing the ingredients together. Apply it to the problematic areas, rinsing off after it dries, which should be no more than 20 minutes. Repeat daily.


Vinegar has astringent properties that lighten your skin. To learn how to reduce melanin with vinegar, create a rinse by combining equal amounts of vinegar and water. Rinse your face with this regularly and don’t wash it off.

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