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Home Remedies Of Snoring


To live with a relative or a family member who snores can be an extremely disgusting problem and can land one into frustration and annoyance. There are a lot of factors that can contribute to snoring.

Allergies that clogs the air paths, thickening of the tissues of the nasal passages, excess consumption of alcohol, large belly, dryness of the nasal cavities, blockage of the nasal cavities due to the presence of large tongue, smoking, overuse of nasal sprays leading to irritation of air passages, enlargement of the tonsils, obesity, cold and flu etc are some of the causes of snoring.

However there are lots of ways by which snoring can be treated:

Pillows: By elevating the level of the head with the adding of pillows, one can successfully lessen the jamming of the air passages in the throat muscle and thereby snoring. Again for some individuals sleeping without pillow from below the head can stop you from snoring while breathing and thereby helping others to sleep better.

Sleeping position: By changing the sleeping position lots of individuals all over the globe have been able to come out this frustrating problem. Lying on the back can increase the chances of snoring. Hence one must avoid sleeping on the back and sleep sideways instead.

Alcohol: There are a lot of individuals who tend to drink just before sleeping as they have the notion that alcohol aids in the relaxing and help us to sleep better. But most of us are unaware of the fact that consumption of alcohol just before sleeping can intensify snoring conditions and hence needs to be avoided just before bedtime.

Sleeping pills: A large number of studies have showed that with the consumption of sleeping pills our body becomes more relaxed and we tend to snore more. Lack of sleep might also be caused from snoring. Hence a doctor needs to be consulted to get rid of this condition.

Obesity: Obesity is known to be one of the potent causes of snoring and less sleep. Obese people need to eat healthy and exercise regularly in order to lose weight and thereby avoid snoring.

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