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Home Remedies For Upset Stomach & Diarrhea


Diarrhea is a highly uncomfortable situation in which an individual passes loose and frequent stools at short intervals of time. The problem of diarrhea can be either mild or severe. Though the problem is not considered to be a grave issue, yet if not treated properly and timely, it can pose several health problems due to dehydration and loss of vital vitamins.

Also, it can affect anyone, whether a child, a young person, or an adult. This stomach infection occurs when our intestine is not able to absorb the water that is released by pancreas, liver, and stomach, hence resulting in watery stools. People normally take medicines to deal with this stomach infection.

It is true that the medicines help in providing instant relief; however, the chemicals present in them may have an adverse reaction with respect to other health areas. In such a situation, it is always suggested to follow natural ways of dealing with upset stomach and diarrhea.

In this article you will learn about some successful home remedies for diarrhea and upset stomach. However, before we proceed to discuss about the home remedies, let us first discuss about the symptoms and causes of diarrhea.

Symptoms Of Diarrhea

The symptoms associated with diarrhea consist of fever, appetite loss, stomach pain, nausea, vomiting, frequent passage of watery and loose stool, abdominal cramps, and bloating.

Causes Of Diarrhea

There are many factors which might contribute towards diarrheas. A few of them consist of food poisoning, food allergy, indigestion, overeating, viral infection, bacterial infection, spicy food, intestinal parasites, anxiety, emotional stress, nervous disorder, intake of antibiotics and laxatives, excessive alcohol consumption, and chemotherapy.

Home Remedies For Upset Stomach & Diarrhea

After learning about symptoms and causes of diarrhea, we shall now go ahead to discuss about ways to solve the problem with the help of home remedies:

Ginger And lemon juice

A concoction made by combining together ginger, pepper powder, and lemon juice would help immensely in dealing with loose and watery stools.

Ginger Tea

Consuming the tea made by combining together, ginger, sugar, water, tea leaves, and milk is considered to be very good natural cure for diarrhea.

Starchy Liquids

iquids such as barley water, rice gruel, coconut water, and arrowroot water would be quite beneficial with regard to treating the problem.

Dry Gooseberry

A mix made by combining together black chebulic myrobalan and dry gooseberry is one of the successful natural remedies for curing diarrhea.

Butter Milk

A mixture of roasted cumin seeds, black salt, and butter milk is a very effectual natural way to heal the problem of watery and loose stools.

Cooked Cereals

Precooked cereals are considered to be quite helpful with regard to dealing with stomach problems. However, it is advised to keep a limit on the use of sugar and salt, while preparing cereals, as they might aggravate the problem.

Among cereals, oatmeal should be avoided, as this is a good source of fiber, which may not be tolerated well by the intestines during diarrhea problem.


This fruit is enriched with potassium content, which is very good for upset stomach. Also, bananas are easily digestible.


Consuming yogurt twice or thrice in a day can help in providing relief from diarrhea symptoms.

Lemon Paste

Taking one spoon of a mix of salt (a pinch) and lemon paste frequently throughout the day is an effective natural solution.

Ginger Ale And Carrot Juice

A mix of ginger ale and carrot juice would help in stopping loose motion.

Apple Cider Vinegar

A drink made by diluting apple cider vinegar in water helps in naturally curing diarrhea.

Rice Water

Rice water, which is obtained after boiling rice in water, is considered to be a successful home remedy for loose stools.

Chamomile Tea

Chamomile tea is regarded to be a natural and effective cure for diarrhea. It helps in getting rid of intestinal inflammation, thus helping to maintain proper digestive health.

The tea can be prepared by steeping chamomile tea bag in boiling water. Alternatively, fresh chamomile flowers can be used to prepare the tea.


In case of diarrhea and upset stomach, it is very important for an individual to drink lot of water frequently throughout the day. This would help in preventing dehydration and would cure the problem soon.


Honey is considered to be a natural cure for loose motion. Honey, when combined with water, would prove to be quite beneficial with respect to dealing with stomach problems.

Cumin Seeds

A mix of white cumin seeds and roasted fennel is a successful natural home remedy for diarrhea.

Orange Peel Tea

A tea made by boiling chopped orange peel in water when drunk 3-4 times in a day would be quite beneficial for stomach problems.

Yogurt and fenugreek sees

A combination of yogurt, fenugreek seeds, and cumin seeds would immensely help in treating diarrhea.

Mango nut powder

A solution made by combining together water and mango nut powder, when consumed frequently would aid in treating diarrhea naturally.

Dietary Restriction With Respect To Diarrhea

Intake of coffee during diarrhea should be avoided. Coffee is enriched with extensive amount of caffeine which is harmful for digestive health. Colas, which are also enriched with caffeine content, should not be consumed when suffering from the problem of loose and watery stools.

Consumption of alcohol should be completely avoided. Alcohol is extremely harmful for overall health, including digestive health.  The information given in the above section would certainly help in getting relief from diarrhea, hence helping to promote sound digestive health.

All the above given remedies are natural and do not pose side effects. These home remedies can be practiced in regular life also so as to maintain the health of the digestive system. If, in case, an individual does not get appropriate relief from the above described home remedies, then medical options should be looked for.

The medicines would certainly provide quick relief. However, medical advice should be taken only as the last resort as the chemicals present in the drugs and antibiotics may be detrimental for the health.

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