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Edema is a condition which causes accumulation of fluid in certain specific body parts like ankle, legs ( peripheral), arms, neck, lungs (pulmonary edema), face, arms and even in hand veins and eyelids, that leads to swelling.

Certain diseases which affects our veins, the lymph drainage system, heart disease, allergies or food intolerance and certain lifestyle factors can cause edema.

Remedies For Treating Edema

The location of fluid retention can provide the clues regarding the cause behind the accumulation of fluid. Edema is not actually a disease. It is only an indication that something wrong has happened in your body. Edema treatment is not very complicated.

Treating the fundamental cause of the problem can cure edema.No aggressive treatment or medical procedure is required to treat edema.  It usually affects the lower body parts like foot and ankles.

Edema slows down the healing process, can affect blood circulation, lead to skin infection and can be painful too. Edema, when occurs repetitively, can be due to some serious health problem. It should be treated with utmost urgency by professional health care provider.

Symptom may vary from person to person depending on the cause of edema. As a result of fluid retention, the most common symptoms are swelling of legs or ankles, puffy eyes and weight gain.

Patient’s blood pressure is often high. As edema cannot be cured and until the underlying cause is addressed, here are some remedies that can keep the swelling in control. Proper diet, regular fluid monitoring and treating the underlying causes are the key steps one can take to treat edema.

To reduce swelling, elevate your legs while lying down by keeping a pillow under the legs. Wearing support stocking that are easily available in drug stores can restrict water collection in your legs and ankles by putting pressure. Also, make sure not to sit or stand in same position for a long time.

Dietary Changes for Treating Edema

To prevent the retention of fluids, a low salt diet including reduction of salty foods like pickles, soya sauce, and olive is recommended. Low salt diet will help to decrease total fluid circulation and also encourages an even distribution. For simple edema symptoms, this treatment is enough.

But limiting the alcohol and making other dietary changes like reducing the intake of sugar, caffeine and dairy product can help in preventing the symptoms from recurring.

Diet plays a major role in treating edema symptoms. Consumption of whole grain foods, onion, cucumber, apples, grapes, oranges, potatoes and cabbage is beneficial. If the symptoms do not subside, diuretic medications are prescribed.

They help in increasing the urine production which helps alleviate retention of fluid in the body. Along with this vitamins and mineral supplements are also prescribed to support proper functioning of the body as diuretics may flush out the essential nutrients from the body as well.

Herbal Remedy

A diuretic herb like dandelion is very effective for edema treatment. Because dandelion is not only diuretic, it contains potassium. Generally diuretics flushes out potassium and there can be potassium deficiency.

Hydro therapy

Daily application of hot and cold compress alternatively can also help to control the edema symptoms.

Other Alternative Treatments

There are other alternative treatments like Ayurveda, acupuncture, juice therapy and traditional Chinese medicines that can effectively treat edema.

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