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Home Remedies For Tonsillitis



Tonsils get enlarged and inflamed when the toxins are not excluded from channels and sudden chill are also responsible factors of this problem. Chronic tonsillitis occurs due to enlargement of tonsils and repeated infection attacks.


Problem in swallowing, weakness, fever, sore throat and body pain are its symptoms.

Few Remedies to Cure:

There are many methods for natural cures of tonsils,

  • Take the Proper diet this is the most important method to cure.
  • You can take Orange juice.
  • Lemon juice in water should also be used for gargling.
  • Hot Epsom salt-bath is also beneficial.
  • Add fenugreek seeds into water and simmer it, after cooling this can be used for gargling.
  • Fresh pineapple can be beneficial in throat afflictions.

For breakfast take fresh fruits, milk, and raw salad. For lunch vegetables such as fenugreek and wheat bread is good. At the time of dinner one should eat bread, raw salad, sprouts, and butter. Carrot Juice, cucumber and beet should be taken.

Banafsha flowers:

Tonsils produce antibodies which are necessary in helping immune system. Take a fruit bitter tumbi and then scoop out inner pulp of it. Fill water in it and drink once in a day. Banafsha flowers are very good for treating tonsillitis. Take 15 gm of these Banafsha flowers; boil it in 80 ml milk. Drink this hot liquid.

Gargle with Mustard and hot water:

There is one very good home remedy for tonsillitis. Powder the Mustard well and mixed it with the hot water. Gargle with this frequently, this will give relief. Use mint mouthwash for gargling it provides better relief in the problem of tonsillitis. Squeeze lemon in water. Add honey a bit of the common salt in water. Drinking this slowly will be helpful.

Gargling with alum salt:

Gargling with alum salt added water will be helpful to cure tonsillitis. Wearing a neck band formed by beads of basil helps in prevention of tonsillitis and many other throat infections. Gargling glycerin mixed with hot water is good to take in tonsillitis. Gargling with boiled tea leaves water is beneficial. Patients with tonsillitis and other throat problems should eat Water chestnut.

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