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Home Remedies For Stye Treatment


Stye is often a cause of irritation to many. But what is stye? Often people experience painful red bumps just under the eyelashes or in the inside of eyelids. These are known as stye or sty (medically – hordeolum). The painful growth is nothing but the result of localized infections of the glands or a hair follicle of the eyelashes.

Stye is of two types, the external variety which occurs at the base of eyelashes and the internal variety, which forms at the underside of the eyelid as a result of infection of the gland that secretes an oily substance that lubricates our eye.

Interestingly, stye is not a very complicated condition and often it gets resolved without medical intervention. However, to get relief, you can try out some home remedies and that is often enough to control any complications and can get you relief.

Easy Home Remedies For Stye Treatment

Warm Compress

Warm a washcloth in hot water and apply hot compress on the affected eye for 10 to 15 minutes. Repeating this for four to six times a day can ease the condition to a large extent.

This results in rupturing of the stye and draining out of the fluids within. Thereafter, the sty dries out and heals. Do not try to press out or squeeze the stye as this can lead to further complication by spreading the infection.

If you can get some guava leaves, then just warming them and putting them in a warm, moist cloth and using them as compress also provides great relief. This not only reduces the swelling but also the pain and redness caused due to stye.

Tea Bag

If you use tea bags for making tea, then you have an excellent home remedy for stye ready at your home. Even if you do not use tea bag, there is no problem. Just wrap the tea leaves in a fine muslin cloth to make the bag. Warm the bag in hot water and place it on the affected eye.

But make sure that you allow the tea bag or leaves to cool down to a comfortable level before applying. Or else you may burn your eyelid. The tannic acid of the tea leaves help in quick healing of the stye by shrinking it. This can also be done with the teabags or tea leaves that you have already used to make tea.

Herbal Solutions

A solution made by boiling acacia leaves is good for stye. Just make sure that the solution is concentrated and strained before use. Use fresh solutions every time for better result.

Similarly, boiling a teaspoon of coriander seeds in a cup of water and using the solution for three to four times is also helpful. Alum solution can do the same job. You need to dissolve a couple of granules of alum in a cup of water for the purpose.

Other Remedies

Using a clove soaked in water, applying potato paste, using castor oil and using parsley solution are also said to be good in giving relief from the swelling and pain caused due to stye.

It is also suggested that one should drink dandelion tea during this time as part of stye eye treatment. It helps the body to fight the bacteria responsible for stye.

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