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Home Remedies For Hemroids


Hemroids are inflammations caused when the veins that are located around and inside the anus swell and causes pain, discomfort and sometimes bleeding. Hemroids can be very uncomfortable, especially when you are sitting. It can cause a lot of burning pain, itching and twitching all throughout the day.

Pain can aggravate and the veins can bleed during the time of defecation. The good news is that much can be done to relieve the condition at home and you do not have to resort to surgical measures as presumed by everyone. With careful diet plan and simple lifestyle measures, you can be free from hemroids without much ado.

Natural Remedies For Hemroids

Diet Care

Diet plays an important role in controlling and preventing the outbreak of hemroids. Straining during the time of passing stools is the number one reason that leads to hemroids.

Adding more fibre to your food will help in loosening the stools adequately and preventing hemroids. Adding green leafy vegetables, carrots, beans, apples, bran etc. will help a lot. Along with that, you can drink plenty of water to avoid the stools from getting hardened.

Sitz Bath

A sitz bath can be prepared by adding Epsom salt and the aggravated area can be soaked for 15 minutes per sitting. This will help in the healing process and also prevent inflammation as well.

Witch Hazel

Witch hazel can be used for external application on the area as it is known to shrink the blood vessels and reduce the size of the hemroids, taking away part of the distress caused due to inflammation of the blood vessels. Use a cotton ball for soaking in witch hazel and apply on the affected area thrice a day.

Horse Chestnut

A salve that is prepared from horse chestnut is in widespread use in European countries that can help in shrinking hemroids and varicose veins. Inflamed hemroids can be shrunk using the soothing tonic and great relief can be attained through this procedure.

Aloe Vera

Aloe is a natural antibacterial and cooling agent. It helps in stopping the intense itch and burning sensation associated with hemroids. Aloe gel can be applied directly on the area and the inflammation and the healing too will be accelerated with frequent application.

Yarrow Tea

Yarrow tea can be used for treating the inflammation and discomfort associated with hemroids. Yarrow tea must be steeped for at least 30 minutes to make it strong enough for application. Apply on the affected area using a cotton ball. Continue application for as many times as you feel until you get relief.


Being an anti inflammatory agent, garlic too is a good remedy for inflamed hemroids. Take two cups of water and boil it. Crush 3 cloves of garlic and add water to this.

Steep for half an hour and once the infusion is at room temperature, use it for washing the affected area. This helps in relieving the pain and inflammation and preventing infections due to bacterial action as well. Repeat this once every day.

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