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Home Remedies for Hair Growth


There can be many causes for condition of hair growth. The main causes for excess hair include genetic disorders, hormonal imbalance and PCOS.There are medicated pills which can help to control the condition of excessive hair growth. But, you can also opt for certain natural remedies for hair growth.

Natural remedies to cure the condition can be opted on daily basis. You can also opt for natural remedies which may help to reduce your hair growth according to condition of your skin.

Natural Treatment for hair growth

Spearmint Leaves

You can opt for having natural spearmint leaves on daily basis. Boil spearmint leaves with water to reduce your condition in a positive manner. You can also opt for having it in natural form. Spearmint is also available in the form of tea, which you can have on daily basis.

Spearmint leaves can affect the condition of your hair growth and reduce it in a positive way. It has been proven that, spearmint reduces hair growth if you have it on daily basis in your diet plan.

Mint Leaves

You can also add some mint leaves for effective results for hair growth. You can also have natural mint leaves along with warm water on regular basis.


You can use natural form of egg white on your skin for effective results. Take one part of egg white and blend it nicely. Now, add some corn flour and make it thick. You can also add some lime juice in this mix. Apply this to your face, and keep it until it gets dried up.

Lime Juice

You can opt for this method four times in a week for effective results from hair growth. You can also opt for application of natural lime juice with sugar.

If you rub this on you face, you can reduce your hair growth in a positive manner. This method has no side implication, and can be opted on daily basis.


You can also opt for natural turmeric in warm milk and have it on regular basis. It helps to cure and reduce the condition in a positive manner.

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