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Home Remedies For Fleas


These wingless, creepy insects called fleas can give you sleepless nights! Fleas love to survive on warm vertebrates and thus your dogs, rabbits, cats and in fact, even you can be their hosts. One reason for their overwhelming presence in your house is the fact that the eggs of fleas can get dropped anywhere inside your house.

There are many efficient home remedies for getting rid of fleas. However, one has to ensure that the treatment for killing the fleas is done regularly to get rid of them completely. For this, disinfecting the entire home is very important otherwise the fleas can return and infest the entire house again.

Effective Home Remedies For Fleas

Moth Balls

Buy a packet of moth balls and crush the balls using a rolling pin. Now open the packet and sprinkle the powdered moth balls in your yard and on the floors in your rooms. However, don’t use too much of moth ball powder inside the home because the chemicals in the balls have too strong a smell. The fumes from the moth ball can be dangerous upon direct inhalation.

Banana Peel

Take the peel of a ripe and yellow banana. Cut the peels in many halves and place the sliced peels in various parts of the house. Take care to keep the peels well out of the way of every one so that no one accidently slips on them. Give the peels a couple of days to work their magic and the fleas will be gone.

Table Salt

Sprinkle table salt over everything in your house. Add two cups of table salt to a bucket of water and use the water for cleaning the floor, windows, doors and the furniture in your house. Salt can even be sprinkled over carpets, rugs and curtains to effectively remove the fleas.

Lemon Repellant

Prepare lemon repellant by cutting two ripe lemons into small wedges and putting the wedges in 500ml of boiling water. Allow the lemon wedges to steep in boiling water for 15 minutes. Pour this lemon repellant in a spray bottle and use the spray on your pet. Be sure to get the spray behind the ears, around the head, the body parts that remain parallel to the ground and the tail. The citrus acid in the lemon will kill the fleas successfully.

Essential Oils

Prepare flea repellant by using essentials oils such as lavender and cedar wood. Take equal parts of lavender essential oil and almond oil. Mix the two oils well and put them in a spray bottle. Use the oil spray over the skin of your pet to keep the fleas away. Rubbing essential oils on the collar or any other clothing of your pet will prevent the fleas from afflicting the animal.

If the pet has become infested with fleas then give it an essential oil bath. Pour a few drops of tea tree essential oil or lavender essential oil in the water and bathe your pet with it. This will be helpful in removal of the fleas from the skin of your pet. The essential oil should always be used along with carrier oil like almond, olive or coconut. Undiluted essential oil can cause burns on the skin of your pet.

Diatomaceous earth

Diatomaceous earth is normally used in cleaning the filtration plant of the swimming pools. Sprinkle diatomaceous earth in your house, over your furniture and even in your yard for prevention as well as treatment of the fleas.


Tansy is an herb which is known to repel fleas. You can plant this herb all around your garden as well as around your pet’s shelter (if it is in the out in the open).

The herb does not take long to grow and keeps the problem of fleas in check.

Vegetable Oil

Spread vegetable oil on your pet’s skin to kill the fleas and their eggs. Vegetable oil is also a good remedy against lice and ticks. Leave the oil on for about 10-15 minutes. Bathe your pet with a strong dish washing soap to get rid of the grease completely. Even anti-tick shampoos will be great for bathing the animals. You can use these shampoos regularly to prevent the fleas from infesting your pet.

Apple Cider Vinegar

Prepare a bath using three cups apple cider vinegar in a tub of warm water. Wash your pet with this water to remove the fleas. Apple cider vinegar can also be added to the water in which you soak your clothes. It can even be used for cleaning the floor, wooden furniture as well as windows and doors.

White Vinegar

Take a mug of water and add one cup pine sol and two cups white vinegar to it. Use a hose sprayer to spray your yard with the prepared solution. This will prevent the fleas from entering your garden and house. The treatment should be done once a week to keep the problem of fleas in check. Your animals can also be bathed with white vinegar solution.

Eucalyptus Oil

This treatment is beneficial in removing fleas from the skin of the living beings as well as from the non-living articles in the house. In a tub add hot water and pour two tablespoons of eucalyptus oil in the water. Mix well. Soak clothes and anything else that has been infected with fleas in the bucket for 30 minutes. You can even add eucalyptus oil to your bathing water as well as your pet’s. The oil is very effective in killing the fleas and their eggs.

Boric Acid

Boric acid, more or less, works like salt when it comes to eliminating fleas. It acts as a desiccant or a dehydrating agent which causes severe dehydration in fleas due to which they are killed. You need to sprinkle boric acid wherever you doubt there may be fleas, their larvae or eggs.

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