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Home Remedies for Fever In Children


If your child’s temperature rises above 38 degree Celsius, give him the recommended dose of paracetamol elixir. Remove heavy bedding if he is bed, and make sure that his room is not too hot.

Don’t give paracetamol to a baby under three months old; tepid sponge him and remove bedding instead. Your child will sweat profusely as his temperature falls, so give him plenty to drink, to replace the lost fluid. Change his bedding and pajamas when his temperature is normal again, to make him comfortable.

Tepid Sponging:

If your child’s temperature rises above 39.4 degree Celsius, try to reduce it by sponging with tepid sponging with tepid water. If your baby is under three months, just tepid sponge him. Take off your child’s bedding and remove her pajama top.

Put towels under her so that the bed does not get damp, then fill a bowl with tepid water and wring out a sponge in it. Gently wipe your child’s neck and arms. Remove his pajama trousers and sponge his legs. Let his skin dry naturally. Continue for about half an hour, and then take his temperature again. If it is still 39.4 degree Celsius, call your doctor now.

Feverish Convulsions:

A rapid rise in temperature can cause a convulsion in a few children, making them lose consciousness and go rigid for a few seconds, then twitch uncontrollably. If this happens, put your child on the floor and stay with him, but do not try to restrain him. Call your doctor as soon as the convulsion stops.

Feverish convulsions can be prevented by keeping the temperature as low as you can when the child is ill. Follow the cooling methods and try not to let the child temperature rise above 39 degree Celsius. Your doctor may instruct you to give the child a dose of paracetamol elixir when they show the first signs of illness, to stop them getting a fever.

Delirious Children:

Some children become delirious when they have a high fever. If your child is delirious, he will be very agitated, and may hallucinate and seem very frightened. This delirious state is alarming, but is isn’t dangerous for your child. Stay with him to comfort him. When his temperature drops, he will probably fall asleep, and will be back to normal when he wakes up.

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