Home Remedies For Diabetic Foot


Foot care is of utmost importance to diabetics. There are chances for getting ulcers on foot, especially if there is neuropathy. Diabetic ulcers occur as a complication of diabetes. This happens when the blood glucose levels are poorly controlled. The glucose levels could lead to greater chances of infection.

There is also a factor of neuropathy, in which case the diabetics are unaware of any cuts or bruises. This is because the neuropathy makes them insensitive to pain. This could happen to people even on medications.

How To Care For Foot Naturally In Diabetes

Foot Support

Wear proper foot wear. Let it not be overcrowding your toes. Let it come with proper support too. If you have corns or tender spots on your toes, wear proper gear, that would provide support to these raw spots and not cause friction. Always wear foot wear while going out. It is best to use foot wears with soft soles. Never walk bare feet. Walking bare foot increases the chances of injury. Walking bare foot also increases the chance of getting an infection. Avoid standing for long time or putting too much pressure on any particular area of your foot.

As part of caring for your foot, get your diabetes under control. Eat a well balanced and low fat diet. Include plenty of fruits and vegetables. These would supply your body with nutrients that would keep you fit and aid in foot healing too. Get some exercise too. Walking is the best mode of exercise. But take care while walking, to use proper shoes. Drink lots of fluids including water. Get adequate sleep and proper sleep to give you a healthy life.

Foot Examination

Foot examination is of prime importance in natural foot care. Do examine your foot on a daily basis. Look for any small cuts, bruises or discolorations. Those small reddened inflamed areas could very easily flare up in diabetes. Look for any signs of injury between and beneath your toes too. If you cannot see all areas of the foot on your own get somebody’s help or use a mirror. You could get your foot examined by your physician on a daily basis. Look out for corns and callosities too. Trim your toe nails properly.

Foot Hygiene

Maintaining proper hygiene is a must for natural foot care. The feet of a diabetic should always be clean and dry. Wash your foot with soap and water and keep it dry. You could apply lotion, but rub of the excess as it is best not to leave your foot moist. Keeping the area between the toes is important as moisture could easily to the development of fungal infection. Do not use unhygienic measures to cut corns or callosities.

Do not use chemicals too. Instead, have them treated by a professional. Always wear proper foot wear. Never use any hard substance like a pumic stone to rub your feet as there are chances of getting injured. If there is any cut or bruise, however big or small, it is best advised to care for it properly. Wash and dress it . Never leave it open. If there are any signs of infection, consult your doctor immediately.

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