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Home remedies for dandruff


Dandruff has become a common problem in terms of dry and dull scalp. There are many reasons for the condition of dandruff. Pollution acts as main reason for dandruff today. Other reasons include, not washing your hair in a proper manner.

If you don’t oil your hair frequently, this can also cause the condition of dandruff. There are many types of anti dandruff shampoos which can reduce the problem of dandruff. But, these methods help only for a short period of time. You can opt for many home remedies which help to reduce your dandruff problem in an effective manner.

Home remedies for dandruff

Apple Cider Vinegar

You can opt for natural vinegar or apple cider vinegar to reduce the condition of your dandruff. Vinegar is very effective against condition of flaking. You can apply some vinegar by parting your hair fifteen minutes prior to your hair wash.

This can help to reduce your dandruff in an effective way. You can also cure your dandruff by option of one part of lemon juice and one part of vinegar. Try and apply this mix, two times in a week. Regular application may reduce the condition in a positive manner.

Natural Oils

You can also use certain natural oils to cure the condition of your dandruff. Olive oil is very effective for condition of your dandruff. Opt for application of olive oil once in a week for dandruff. You can also reduce the condition of hair fall with this method. One of the major reasons for condition of hair fall can relate to dandruff problem.

Olive Oil and Sandalwood Oil

You can opt for mixing one part of olive oil and one part of sandalwood oil for the condition of your dandruff. Sandalwood oil helps to get rid of dryness and roughness of hair. This in turn is effective in reducing the condition of dandruff.

Aloe Vera

You can also opt for natural form of Aloe Vera for condition of your falling hair. You can also use Aloe Vera in the form of gel for application on your hair.

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