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14 Home Remedies For Cough In Toddlers

cough in toddlers

Cold accompanied with coughing can make your toddler extremely irritated and uncomfortable. Cough also brings with it running nose, bad throat and mild fever.

Your child will throw tantrums in eating and also sleep poorly because of irregular and disturbed breathing. There are some very effective remedies for treating cough in toddlers at home.

Effective Remedies For Treating Cough In Toddlers


Steaming is the best remedy for treating your toddler’s cough. The warmth from the steam opens the blocked nasal passages by loosening the mucus in them. Fill the bathroom with steam and give your child a warm bath. The bath will relax your child while the steam will help him/her breathe easier. Steaming can be done even without giving your child bath. However, many toddlers will not easily opt for steaming hence the bath. This treatment should be done at night as it will give your child quality sleep.

Saline Drops

You can prepare saline drops at home by mixing salt with water. Saline drops are a good alternative to blowing nose. Toddlers will not know how to blow their nose effectively to get rid of the mucus lining the nasal passage. Putting saline drops in the nostrils or spraying the saline water up the nostrils will loosen the mucus. This will reduce the coughing.


Use peppercorns for treating cough in toddlers. Crush 4-5 peppercorns using mortar and pestle. Mix the crushed peppercorns with a teaspoon of clarified oil (ghee) and give this to your child. This concoction should be given every couple of hours to clear the throat and keep cough away. Clarified oil soothes the irritated throat and the pepper removes the phlegm lining the tract.


Giving your child warm milk without sugar or honey is an effective way of treating both cold and cough. The warmth of the milk will remove the phlegm lining the tract. Many children will not like drinking milk without sugar but this is important for treating cough.


Make your child drink warm water throughout the day to take care of the cough. You can even add little amount of fresh fruit juices in the water to make it more palatable for the toddlers. Water acts as an effective remedy for treating cough because it flushes out the toxins from the body. These toxins are often responsible for infection.


This is an over-the-counter remedy that is used for treating cold in adults and children. However, some people also use it for treating cough in children. Apply VapoRub to the soles of the feet of your toddler and make him/her wear socks. Along with rubbing the soles with VapoRub, also rub the chest and back of your toddler with the same. This will help him/her breathe easier at night.


Place a humidifier in your child’s room or in the room where he/she tends to spend most time. The steam from the humidifier releases moisture into the air. This moisture enters the nasal passage and moisturizes it effectively. This makes it easier to breathe thus reducing bouts of coughing.


Dressing up your child warmly is more important than increasing the temperature of the room. Increase in temperature can cause the moisture to evaporate leaving the air in the room moisture-less. This will further increase your child’s coughing. Hence, dress your child in warm clothes rather than changing the temperature of the room.


Give your child 3-4 glasses of lemon juice for treating cough effectively. Lemon has enzymes that help loosen the mucus that causes nasal as well as chest congestion during cold and cough. When the congestion leaves the chest, your toddler will find it easier to breathe and his/her coughing will also reduce. Prepare lemon juice by squeezing juice of one ripe lemon in 150ml of warm water. Add a teaspoon of honey to the juice to make it more appealing to your toddler.


Teach your toddler how to gargle by making it a fun activity. Prepare gargle at home by adding half teaspoon of salt in a glass of warm water. Use only drinking water for gargling since your toddler may swallow the water. Gargling with warm salted water throughout the day will help ease the discomfort in the throat caused by coughing.


Honey is very effective in soothing the irritated passages of your child. All that coughing can make the throat very painful. Give you toddler a tablespoon of warm honey to repair to the throat and cure cough.

Chicken Soup

The warmth of the chicken soup helps clear the congestion of the chest. The soup is also effective in curing other symptoms of cold including body ache and fever. Remember, to treat cough in your child it is also important to treat the accompanying cold.


Resting is very important for your child during cold and cough. Due to continuous coughing your child will find it difficult to sleep through the night. You should try and put your child to rest for at least a couple of hours during the day as well. If the child does not want to sleep then simply make him rest on the bed. Put on his/her favorite cartoon movie or engage him/her in conversation by telling him/her stories. Resting is also body’s way of recovering and repairing itself from the damage caused by the infection.

Over The Counter Medications For Toddlers

OTC medicines for toddlers are not recommended unless they are prescribed by doctors. It is important to consult a doctor first before treating your child’s cough medically. There are also cold drops and lozenges that help cure cough to quite a certain extent.

However, these may prove to be dangerous if your child is less than three years of age and does not know how to suck properly. There are strong chances that the child may choke on these. But you must go and show your child to a doctor if the child does not respond to the home treatments or if the cough persists for longer than four days.

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