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Home Remedies For Constipation


Constipation is a disorder related to improper excretion or no secretion of bowel out of the body.

Constipation is a disorder related to improper excretion or no secretion of bowel out of the body. This disorder is associated with most of the disease as these diseases release toxin in the blood which is transported to different organs leading to improper bowel excretion. Constipation may also lead to difficulty in passing out the bowel because of extreme hardening of the stool.

The various causes for constipation includes consuming of less water and other fluids, weak abdominal muscles, incomplete chewing of food, less of fibre intake in food, etc. Drinking enough water is the easiest way to deal with constipation. The severity may vary from mild to chronic and may affect toddlers to adults. It is always advisable to >treat mild constipation with home remedies rather than several laxatives available in the market. When the digestive system comes back to normal, withdraw the medicines or home remedies.

Home Remedies For Constipation


Few spoons of almond oil consumed with warm milk for few days before sleeping helps in curing constipation. Castor oil relives constipation. Olive oil in juices or in salads will also cure constipation.

Fruits And Vegetables

Diet should include a lot of fresh fruits and vegetables to avoid and cure constipation. Fruits like papaya and grapes eaten in empty stomach help to get rid of bowel. Grapes have laxative function and used in chronic constipation too. You can either take fresh grapes or dry grapes left in water for 24-48hrs in an empty stomach. Drinking the water in which grapes was dipped also cures constipation.

Figs are a rich source of fibre and cures constipation. Fresh figs should be eaten with the peel itself or water of the dry grapes boiled in it should be taken before sleeping. Apple contains both soluble and insoluble fibre treating constipation. Juice of apple taken few times in a day is equally beneficial. Spinach is also a good laxative. It can be eaten raw, cooked or juice of it with carrot juice before sleeping. Cabbage juice before meals also helps to clear the bowel from the body.


Spiegel seeds can be taken with milk or water before retiring to bed to clear the bowel next morning.Regular consumption of fennel seeds with water at night will help in proper functioning of the digestive system and hence curing constipation.

Eating linseeds with water just before food gives bulk and lubrication to the digestive system and enhances bowel excretion. Flax seed also cures constipation when taken with water before sleep.

Fibre Intake

One of the main causes of constipation is the lack of fibre intake in food. Both soluble and insoluble fibres help to cure constipation. Soluble fibres found in peas, barley, carrots, fruits like apple and oranges, oatmeal, oat bran, etc. these fibres slow down the digestive process by avoiding the fats and sugars into the circulating blood.

Insoluble fats are found in whole wheat, green peas, cabbage, spinach, flax seed and the skin of various fruits and vegetables. These fibres improve digestion by removing the toxins from the body. High fibre intake in breakfast has found to be beneficial in constipation.

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