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Home Remedies for Beautiful Skin

how to get beautiful skin

Beauty begins with a healthy skin and ends with a skin that remains blemish free. There are various skin disorders like allergies, sun burns, pigmentation, acne, scars, dark spots and dullness.

All these skin imperfections can be cured via various natural, herbal and cosmetic treatments. However, home remedies are some of the best beauty remedies that are cost effective as well.

Home Remedies for Beautiful Skin


Curd is a natural sunscreen that protects the skin from sun damage. It is also a very effective ailment to sun burns. It repairs the skin damaged due to sun rays. Moreover, there are various face packs made up of curd that can add to the beauty of dry skin. Such face packs are very simple to be made.

All you need to do is add tomato puree to curd. This mixture acts like a cleanser, moisturizer and toner to the human skin. Since tomato contains vitamin C, the skin gets gently purified and the complexion gets lighter. Curd saves the skin from pollution and sun, both. It gently evens the skin texture, adding to the natural glow of the skin. Instead of tomatoes, orange juice can also be added.

Rose Water Cleansing

Rose water is a natural skin exfoliating agent that is also used in certain face packs. It is a cleanser that removes excessive oil and dirt from the skin. Instead of using the chemical face washes that contain soap, it is better to use rose water for the purpose of cleaning the skin. Mix rose water with groundnut paste and it works like a best homemade natural scrubber for the skin. You can scrub your face as well as your complete body with this scrubber paste. It is zero percent harmful for the skin and is known to remove all the dead skin cells effectively. It also hydrates the skin that offers natural blush and glow.


Cabbage juice is a home remedy that adds to the youth of the skin. Cabbage juice offers strong anti aging property. The presence of anthocyanins leads to the anti aging property in red cabbage. These anthocyanins are spruced in the cabbage juice, which when applied to the skin replenishes it with oxygen. Since anthocyanins can fight sun damage, they reduce the appearance of wrinkles. Thus, cabbage juice can either be applied to the skin or drunk in order to fight back aging. However, external application is suited for dry skin mostly.

Wheat Flour

Wheat flour is a very effective oily skin lightening home remedy. The circular massage of wheat flour in an upward direction increases blood circulation and lightens the skin tone. The skin brightening effect of wheat flour is an attribute to its oil absorbing property. It removes excessive oil, dirt and dust from the skin. Since increased blood circulation increases the supply of oxygen, the dark circles and dark spots naturally reduce.

Other than the 5 home remedies mentioned for a beautiful skin, there are some other home beauty skin measures as well. Cucumber, honey, turmeric, saffron, peanuts, olive oil and lemon grass are some other home/kitchen ingredients that can be used to beautify the skin.


‘An apple a day, keeps a doctor away’ is a very old and famous saying. The saying can be stretched a little further due to the skin benefits that apple offers. There are various face packs that are made up of apple, since apple works like an astringent. Apple face pack also delays aging due to its antiseptic property.

Apple is mildly acidic and is used for skin lightening purposes. It removes dark spots and reduces uneven melanin formation. The apple made face packs are used for dry skin usually. Such packs brighten the skin and reduce wrinkles and dark spots. All the skin benefits offered by apple are an outcome of Vitamin C.

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