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Herbal Remedies To Treat Vaginal Odor


Vaginal odor is a common problem among women and young girls who have attained puberty. However, this isn’t a serious issue unless the odor is foul and accompanied with itching. In this case the odor and itching are a result of vaginal infection. The infection requires to be treated immediately.

The vagina secretes juices that do have a mild smell. This odor is nothing to be worried about. But some women do find this odor offensive and uncomfortable. They use perfumed soaps, powders and deodorants to mask this smell.

The use of perfumed products to neutralize the vaginal odor can actually cause severe vaginal infection since perfumes have a strong chemical base. These chemicals can disrupt the natural pH balance of the vagina encouraging the growth of infection causing bacteria.

If you want to mask the smell emanating from the vagina, then you can try these simple herbal remedies at home. But remember, these remedies should be followed only after checking for signs of infection.

Herbal Remedies For Vaginal Odor

Prepare a solution of one cup apple cider vinegar and two cups natural water. Use this diluted form of apple cider vinegar for cleaning the vagina. Use the solution twice a day. Apple cider vinegar will not only give you a fresh and clean smell; it will help maintain the delicate environment of the vagina.

Prepare infusion of witch hazel by boiling witch hazel leaves in spring water. Use the infusion twice a day for cleaning the vagina. The natural smell of witch hazel will keep you fresh all day through. The anti-bacterial properties of witch hazel will ensure that you don’t acquire any form of vaginal infection.

If the smell from your vagina is due to heavy white discharge then use garlic to treat the condition and the odor associated with it. Take two pods of garlic and crush them well. Wrap them in medicated gauze and insert the gauze into the vagina. Take care to leave the longer end of the gauze hanging out from the vagina. Pull at this longer end to remove the gauze from the vagina after four hours.

Re-insert fresh garlic wrapped in fresh medicated gauze. Repeat the treatment every four hours. Wash your vagina in between with apple cider vinegar to mask the smell of garlic. Two after the treatment, the flow of the white discharge will be minimal and you won’t be offended with the smell.

Take a stick of cinnamon and break it in two equal halves. Place the cinnamon stick in medicated gauze. Add three pods of cardamom in the gauze. Wrap the gauze tightly around these spices. Insert the gauze inside your vagina and keep an end hanging out from the vagina.

Leave the medicated gauze in the vagina for up to two hours. Throw away the gauze. Repeat the treatment for a second time six hours after removing the first gauze.  This treatment should be done every alternate day to keep the vagina smelling fresh and clean always.

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