Herbal Remedies

Herbal Remedies of Common Ailments at Home


Indian kitchen is like a home based dispensary where different things carry different types of medicinal characteristics and are used for curing different ailments. Turmeric is one of many examples. It is basically used as spices in many Indian dishes. However due to various unique properties it is used for various treatments for diseases.

It is also used for eliminating a number of beauty problems. The religious aspect among Hindus makes it more important. It is an underground root of ginger family termed as rhizome. Various properties of turmeric like anti-inflammatory, anti-oxidant, anti-tumor etc makes is very popular in herbal and home remedies. It also avoids accumulation of gas in the alimentary tract and hence protect the body from acidity and gastric problems.

Turmeric with hot milk:

Turmeric powder when taken with hot milk gives relief from pain due to wounds and cures the wounds very quickly. It also helps in digesting food and is used in almost every Indian dishes. It stimulates bile production in liver and its removal from gall bladder.

Turmeric helps in unblocking the arteries and preventing heart stroke. It lowers the cholesterol level and is also good for relieving pain due to osteoarthritis. Use of turmeric extract, two weeks prior to menstruation reduces menstrual cramps. There are a number of home remedies in which turmeric is used as a major ingredient.

Turmeric powder with honey:

Take one teaspoonful of turmeric powder, mixed it with one teaspoonful of honey. This will strengthen the bones and teeth of our body and will help in avoiding anemia. If you are suffering from the problem of asthma, you can take turmeric powder mixed with milk. A regular consumption will cure asthma slowly.

For joint pain turmeric is used with ginger:

Take one teaspoonful of turmeric powder, mix it with extract of ginger to make a paste, apply this paste to the affected joints. This will give a quick relief from the pain. Turmeric is also used for skin care. A turmeric wash makes the skin to glow. In almost every herb based skin care product, turmeric is a common ingredient. A mixture of aloe gel and turmeric is very effective in case burns. In case you are suffering from diabetes, turmeric is of great help. Just take one teaspoonful of turmeric twice on a regular basis. It will help in controlling sugar level of your body.

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