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5 Herbal Remedies For Vomiting In Children


Vomiting in children is heart wrenching to watch and unequivocally difficult for the children to cope with. It is best avoided. Vomiting is caused by several reasons. Sometimes it’s a defence mechanism employed by the body to expel foreign materials from the body which are considered harmful.

In these cases you feel relieved immediately after you have vomited and fall back into your normal routine. But sometimes with children, the vomiting continues and becomes unbearable. Some children are prone to indigestion and retching. While medicines help overcome these, lifestyle changes and herbal remedies are the best methods to treat this problem. Here is a list of important herbs which you may use.

Herbal Remedies For Vomiting In Children


Cloves are an efficient treatment for vomiting since the aroma of cloves tends to ebb nausea. You can use clove herbal mixtures. Special aromas clove powders or simply ask your kids to chew on them. The latter makes use of the clove oil to treat your nausea. You can crush cloves in your house and add the powder to your tea and drink it.

Aloe vera

Aloe vera, which is generally used for improving the skin quality, is shockingly helpful in reducing vomiting. Aloe vera tea is the best medicine for reducing vomiting. However, it doesn’t taste too good and is hence quite a task when it comes to getting your kids to take it. Making it is, however, an easy enough job. You can use aloe vera supplements but if you own an aloe vera plant, then using it should be the first choice. All that you need to do is slice the leaf into two and take out its gel. Then add this gel to a cup of tea, made the way you like, and drink it.


Cinnamon tea is another extremely helpful remedy for vomiting. Cinnamon generally tastes good. However there are some people who don’t like its taste at all. For these kinds of children you have to force them to take this in since it is one of the foolproof methods of treating an upset stomach. All that you need to do is boil a cup of water and add one to two teaspoon of cinnamon powder.


Ginger like cloves has been used since centuries to reduce nausea and thus cure vomiting. They are as effective in children as they are in adults. You can chew on some raw ginger or drink ginger tea. Here is a recipe for a unique ginger apple drink. This helps too. Take half a cup of apple juice. Add a quarter cup of water to it. Then add one or half teaspoon of powdered ginger in it. You may add sugar or honey but don’t add too much of it. It tastes good and reduces any nauseous feelings you may be having!

Mint Leaves

Mint is also a useful treatment for vomiting. Some kids love mint so getting them to drink some mint juice isn’t a very difficult task and thus proves to be a great remedy. At the same time, there are some kids who are not huge fans of mint. For these kids this remedy may not work. Basically, the smell and essence of mint gets rid of the nausea. However don’t let your kid take in too much of the mint juice or powder or whatever you are giving him because too much of tannins is also harmful for your body.

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