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6 Herbal Remedies For Pink eyes

pink eye

Pink eye or conjunctivitis or Madras eye is the inflammation of the conjunctiva. Possible symptoms may be a portion bulging out or itching and constant pain in the eye. For effective treatments, herbal remedies are a wise choice.

Most of them can be easily prepared at home and consumed in multiple forms. Moreover, they serve multi-purpose benefits besides just treating Pink eye. Check out the following important herbal substances that can be used to treat the pink eye.

Various Remedies To Treat Pink Eyes

Pure Raw Honey

If you are affected with the pink eye problem then honey should be your first preference since it is rich in natural peroxide that kills the culprit bacteria. To get the relief from red eye problem you have to put the honey into your eyes.However, make sure that there are no crystals present. For better assurance you may boil it to decompose any possible presence of small crystals in it.And then after it you can use it. It can be directly applied by swiping the affected area with cotton. The easiest remedy for kids, Honey can be applied twice a day. An itching sensation indicates slow recovery.


Garlic is a multipurpose herb, which helps in treating an infection like pink eye. Firstly take a piece of garlic and then cut it into small pieces. After that crush it until it starts releasing its juice.Then, take any piece and gently rub it on the bottom lid. It will burn initially but will start providing relief after some time.

Jasmine Flower

Besides spreading fragrance, Jasmine flower can be used to encounter the pink eye symptoms. Take some flowers (5-6) and then boil them in the water.After that filter the water and place it in the clean bowl. Then take a cotton ball and wet it with the filter water present in the bowl. Now, wipe your eye with it. Do this process several times in a day for instant results.


Immensely easy to consume, lemon has the capacity to treat Pink eye effectively. Firstly cut the lemon and squeeze to take the juice out. Put some drops of this mixture into your eyes.  2-3 drops should be sufficient. Avoid excessive treatment.


The cameo of vinegar and salt makes a big impact on the red eye. Fill the tub with water, and then add some amount of vinegar and salt.Now, mix the water and dip your mouth in this water. Do this process after an interval of time. You will notice the instant results.

Wheat Grass Juice

It is an effective herb which reacts instantly. To use, crush it and extract out the juice. Then put that juice in bucket or in small tub without mixing with water. Now, dip your mouth in that juice and fluctuate your eyes for 30 seconds.Repeat this process for some time. By obeying this process, the eye recovers within a few hours. Besides, increase your water intake. Drink boiling water and accomplish your daily intake of 6-8 glasses. There is no better cleansing agent than water for human body. Also keep sprinkling water drops in your eyes regularly.

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