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Herbal Remedies For Hair Loss

hair loss

Do you see a gradual increase in your hair fall? Are you worried about the fact that you might become bald one day? Hair loss is, no doubt, a serious issue. It is very common for an individual to notice a fall of around 60-70 hair strands every day due to hair washing, hair combing, and hair styling practices.

However, if the fall in hair is more than 60-70 strands in a day, it is a cause of great concern. Hair loss may occur due to several factors. The main reason behind hair loss is improper hair care.

It is very important for an individual to use appropriate shampoo and conditioner, taking into account the hair type. Also, it is advised to restrict the application of heat on the hair as far as possible.

Hair styling equipments like flat iron, blow dryer, and curling iron generate heat, which makes the hair brittle, thus resulting in hair loss. Further, an individual should drink lot of water daily, to maintain the hydration level of the hair.

The hair would become strong and well moisturized with the help of intake of around ten glasses of water every day. Apart from all these hair care measures, there are certain herbs, which can help in promoting hair growth and restricting hair loss. A brief description about these herbs is given hereunder.

Herbs for Hair Loss

Nettle Root

Nettle root is one of the effective hair loss herbs, which helps in providing the hair with appropriate nutrients, thus encouraging hair growth and inhibiting hair fall.  The hair would be nourished very well with the help of including nettle root herb in the daily diet plan.

Aloe Vera

The nourishing properties contained in aloe vera would help in stimulating the hair follicles to produce more hair. Aloe vera gel can be applied on the scalp directly to see effective results. Consuming aloe vera juice on daily basis would also be quite helpful with regard to improving the hair growth process.

Saw Palmetto

Saw palmetto is one of the best herbs for hair loss in case of men. Hair loss in men mainly occurs due to excessive production of a hormone called “DHT”.

With the help of intake of saw palmetto herb, DHT production in the human body would be reduced, thus restricting hair fall. The hair growth process would be boosted up, and the health of the hair would be improved, with the help of this wonderful herbal remedy.

Green Tea

The most successful herbal remedy forreducing hair loss is green tea. An individual who drinks green tea every day in the morning would naturally see an improvement in the health and strength of the hair, thereby reducing the risk of hair loss.

The antioxidants present in green tea would help in nourishing the hair, consequently stimulating the scalp to produce more hair. All the above discussed herbs for hair loss would be of immense assistance in boosting up the growth, health, and strength of the hair.

An individual would gradually notice a considerable improvement in the hair fall process after following the aforementioned hair loss remedies. Apart from all these measures, a regular scalp massage with warm olive oil or almond oil would be an added advantage.

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