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Heel Spurs – Natural Treatment


A heel spur is a bony outgrowth of the calcaneus bone in the heel. Heel spurs are attributed to chronic local inflammation at the insertion of soft-tissue ligaments or fascia in the area. Heel spurs can be located at the back of the heel or under the heel, beneath the sole of the foot.  Heel spur is a disorder characterized by acute, stabbing pains under the heel of the affected foot that develops due to common contributory factors like abrupt weight gain, ill-fitting footwear with insufficient support, pronated foot and often noticed in endurance athletes and those in their forties.

Persistent overstressing of the foot causes miniature tears in the tendon. Similar to a bone rupture, the body tends to deposit calcium there for repairing such tears. Over a period of time it results in a smallish growth on the heel, termed as heel spur.

Natural Treatment Of Heel Spurs

Herbal Cures

The effectiveness of innate herbs has since long been proven to assuage signs and symptoms of heel spurs by assisting to mitigate inflammation and tenderness. The leaves and sweet-smelling flowers of the herb meadowsweet have medicinal properties that heal such inflammation.

Others include feverfew, ashwagandha, bromelain, Indian frankincense, Rhus toxicodendron, turmeric, rosehips, valerian and ginger that available in capsular form (in varying strengths) and medically recommended for daily intake to get respite from rigidity and pains due to heel spurs. Even using powdered form of white willow bark has salicin (a chemical alike aspirin) that provides pain relief for heel spur sufferers.

Topical Natural Remedies

Herb-Based Baths And Poultice

Regularly soaking the affected foot in tepid baths that include herbaceous plants like chamomile as well as arnica provide significant relief since they counteract inflammation while improving circulation to the affection region. Alternately, hot application of the plants in mushy, damp form can be placed between sheets of cloth like linen, muslin or gauze piece over the heel area to allay tenderness.

Immerse the affected foot in a hot bath along with some Epsom salts for a minimum of thirty minutes daily. Water at high and low temperatures can alternately be used for soaking the affected foot to resolve the pains due to bony spur. Conventional Chinese foot baths too work wonders when deployed on a daily basis. For this purpose add 3-4 skins that have been peeled off a mandarin orange and a couple of pieces of sliced ginger root in 2000 milliliters of water.

Once the water is brought to boiling point then continue simmering for 10 additional minutes. When the temperature is bearable then keep the foot immersed in it for 20-30 minutes. Another effective foot bath constitutes using the skins of 2 oranges along with the whitish thread-like materials attached to the inner side of the peels in the same quantity of water and the analogous steps followed as just mentioned.

Precious Oils To The Rescue

Yellowish castor oil, linseed oil (by-product from extraction of flax seeds) or coconut oil can be warmed up slightly before rubbing it over the heel for pain relief. Two to three droplets of essential oil like copaiba, lavender, chamomile or eucalyptus can be massaged directly over the area. These essential oils could also be added directly to the bath or compresses or massaged over the area.

Massage Therapy

Massage therapy is deployed over the spot on the heel of the affected foot where maximum tenderness can be palpated. Lie down in a supine position while relaxing the leg muscles. Use fingers to rub and roll over the sore area several times everyday.

Internal Natural Remedies

The ingestion of strained tea that has been steeped with a teaspoonful of herbs Avena satvia and Mare’s tail has been proven helpful as they are high in silica. Intake of 3 ml of Mare’s tail extract once everyday too proffers analogous benefits.

Eat foods rich in calcium, collagen, bromelain, magnesium and B complex vitamins as they have anti-inflammatory properties. Organic aloe vera, oil from the seeds of Evening Primose and kelp can be daily taken in supplemental form for the same reason.

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