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Get Pregnant With Irregular Menstrual Cycle

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Women with regular periods will have between 11 and 13 menstrual periods in one calendar year, which means that they will have up to 13 chances to conceive each year. On the other hand, women with irregular periods may have far fewer chances to conceive each year, potentially making the path to parenthood for them a longer, more tiresome journey. Irregularities in menstrual cycle are a common problem faced by women all over the world. The condition is mostly caused due to hormonal imbalances, diet and anorexia.

Get Pregnant With Irregular Menstrual Cycle

Find The Reason

Irregular menstruation can be caused due to a number of factors. Identifying the right reason will help you to take the right treatment. Something as simple as stress or a change in lifestyle can cause the menstrual periods to become irregular. Such causes can be rectified without any treatment by making some changes in your lifestyle.

Internal Conditions

Internal conditions that affect the reproductive organs like fibroids, endometriosis and cysts can sometimes lead to irregular menstruation. All these conditions can be treated adequately with medications and surgery and women can become pregnant without many complications.

This is why it is important to correctly assess the reason for your irregular menstruation before treating it. If the condition is due to ovulation, doctor might prescribe Clomid or other natural medications that will set your ovulation right.

Ovulation Cycle

Even when you have irregular periods, getting to know your ovulation cycle is possible by checking the quality of your cervical mucous. Clear and stringy cervical mucous that looks like an egg white will mean that you have started ovulating.

When you see this, make sure that you have intercourse within the next 24 hours to increase your chances of becoming pregnant. You also have to make sure that you follow the instructions of the doctor for regulating your ovulation cycle.  Once the ovulation cycle is regulated, an ovulation kit can be bought from the store for keeping track of the fertile days.

Basal Body Temperature

Getting pregnant is a matter of the ovulation process and does not in any way connect to your menstruation. So to understand your menstrual cycle, whether you have regular or irregular periods, you can use a basal body calculator. When the body temperature becomes lower than the other days, those are the days that ovulation takes place and you can try to conceive in those days.

Excessive Exercise

Sometimes excessive exercise can cause irregular menstrual periods. If this is the case you must make sure that the intensity and time of exercise is reduced to a lesser degree that suit your body.

Weight Check

Being overweight can be one reason that can lead to irregular menstrual periods due to hormone imbalance in the body. In such cases, reducing your body weight through adequate exercise will help regulate the hormone imbalance and help you to regulate your period, thereby giving you an opportunity to become pregnant naturally.


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