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Get Glowing Skin with Homemade Skin Polishers


Skin Polishing has become a new trend. Everyone loves to have a flawless glowing skin with a polished look.  Skin Polishing improves your skin complexion and rejuvenates your skin. Though most of the salons do skin polishing, know that you can also do it at home with simple ingredients.

Now most of you will be thinking about the huge expense that involves in getting such ultra-smooth skin. But the good news is that you can do skin polishing effectively in the privacy of your home, without making hole in your pocket. Don’t you think it is a better way to get glowing skin ?

The Need For Skin Polishing

Everybody knows about the basic skin exfoliation procedure. But skin polishing is an advanced step of exfoliation by removing all the dead skin cells to make way for glowing and even skin tone.

Over the time our skin acquires accumulated dead skin cells which offer a dull and lifeless look to our skin. When we remove dead skin cells we are actually permitting fresh cells to come up. This will give our skin soft and silky texture.

Exfoliation is a basic step in any kind of facial. You can scrape dead skin cells from the body by using pumice stone, brushes and sponges.

Be careful not to polish or exfoliate your skin more than once in a week. By frequently polishing your skin, you may end up in removing fresh skin cells also resulting in adverse effects.

Home Made Skin Polishers

Flower Petals Skin Polish

A mix of oils, flowers, and sugar will give your skin an excellent scrubbing effect. By maintaining the natural oils of skin, the flower petals adds to its skin moisturizing.

Baking soda & aloe vera to get polished skin

Aloe vera gel has antibacterial properties that help to treat skin and beauty problems. This is also good for health. Extract aloe vera gel and mix it with baking powder. Mix them well until the powder gets perfectly mixed with gel. Use this as a body scrub. This helps to get rid dark skin. Try this natural herbal scrub which results quickly.

Preparing herbal skin polishers at home is not a difficult task. Since it is an easy way to achieve soft skin, why don’t you give a try?

Lemon juice and Honey

Take ½ tablespoon each of lemon juice, honey and basin. Mix it with 1 pinch of turmeric powder and I teaspoon of grinded mint leaves.Blend together the ingredients well and apply it on face. Leave it for 15 minutes and wash it off afterwards. This is a very effective skin polisher that will make you flaunt a refreshed and satin-soft skin.You can try it two times in a week.

Another effective homemade face polisher contains salt as the main ingredient.Make a mixture of ½ cup sea salt, ¼ cup extra virgin olive oil, ½ teaspoon each of lemon essential oil and orange essential oils. Now the scrub is ready.

Using rounded movements, spread the mixture all over the face (It can be applied on other rough body parts that you wish to polish). After rubbing it for 4-5 minutes you can wash it off with water to discover glowing skin.

Sugar and Honey Skin Polishing Scrub

Take 1 teaspoonful of sugar and then add the equal amount of the honey in it. Mix them well. You should take the medium sized sugar crystals if the sugar has too chunky crystals then you need to keep the honey and sugar mixture for some time before using on your face this will melt the sugar chunks and the sugar crystals will not be too abrasive for the skin. Apply this skin polishing scrub and rub it gently using the circular movement with your fingers. This also tones the skin. This can be tried by all the skin types.

Sugar Jojoba Oil

There is another easy recipe of skin polisher. Make a blend of 1 cup of brown sugar and 1/2 cup jojoba oil. Add 1 tablespoon orange oil and four to five teaspoons of Vitamin E to a glass bowl. Add more oil to get the required consistency and rub it on face using circular movements.

By mixing baking soda with any of your preferred facial lotion you can make an easy facial skin polisher.After doing skin polishing if your skin feels very dry, it is beneficial to apply some good moisturizer.

Sea Salt Skin Polish

Sea salt can be used as an excellent scrub for skin polishing. The natural nutrients in sea salt helps in removing the skin dead cells. Also the use of olive oil nourishes the skin cells and provides a good balance to natural skin oils.Add all the above ingredients in a bowl.Mix them well to form a thick paste consistency.Apply this scrub on your damp face.Massage your face for about 5 minutes.Then wash your face with cold water.Allow it to dry, and then apply some good moisturizer.

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