Foods To Avoid In Diabetes


Diabetes is manageable with lifestyle changes. A well balanced diet, exercise and staying away from harmful addictions will truly work wonders towards saving your body from the clutches of this chronic disease. There are certain food items which you must definitely include in your diet, there are food items, which could be consumed sparingly, then there are food items which must be avoided at all costs. Here is a list of some foods/ ingredients which are best avoided if you have diabetes.

Foods to Avoid In Diabetes

Refined Flour, Refined Sugars

Avoid refined flours and refined sugars at all cost. Use whole grain flours instead. Whole wheat flour, brown rice flour are examples of these. You could consume these even if you are diabetic, in fact they are good choices for diabetics. Do not use refined sugars too. Diabetics have high blood glucose level, it would be better to keep your intake of glucose rich food at a balance. Use fruits as a dessert. You could use honey, jaggery etc. as a sweetener. Avoid artificial sweeteners too as these contains too much chemicals and preservatives.

Saturated Fat and Trans Fat

Saturated fats and trans fats are a big no no for people with diabetes. In fact they are not good fats for any people. They are the type of fat that usually clog the arteries to develop atherosclerosis. So avoid these to stop further complications also to stop developing heart diseases.

Saturated fats are found in animal products like meat, dairy and eggs. They are also found in plant based oils like coconut oil and palm oil. Trans fats are usually added to products to increase their shelf life and they are also called hydrogenated or partially hydrogenated oils. These are usually found in cakes, cookies, donuts etc.

Deep Fried Food

Avoid deep fried foods. French fries become healthier if they are baked. In fact, baking and grilling are healthier option than deep frying. So are boiling and steaming. Deep frying depletes the food ingredients of its nutrients. It also adds on unwanted fat to your food. Maintaining the correct weight range is necessary for diabetics. So, why spoil your waist line with deep fried foods?

Soft Drinks, Health Drinks and Alcohol

Soft drinks are high in empty calories and sugar. Besides, they are rich in chemicals and preservatives. They could spike your blood glucose levels. Stay away from them. Alcohol is mostly sugar too. They, likewise increases your blood sugar levels and fat storage too.

Foods with High Glycemic Index

Restrict the amount of food with high glycemic index. High glycemic index means that these foods will cause a sudden rise in blood sugar levels. Some of the foods with high glycemic index include white rice, corn flakes, potato, parsnips etc. Watch out for these as these could also lead to weight gain, cardio vascular diseases etc.

List of Foods to Avoid

The above five categories gives a broad classification of food items to avoid if you are diabetic. These would include cake, white bread, cookies, french fries, food with high fructose corn syrup etc. Also avoid pizzas, donuts, alcoholic beverages, soft drinks, ice creams, high fat dairy and yoghurt, red meat, eggs etc. Eat healthily to stay healthy.

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