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Find The Healthy Fast Food


People always thought that if you are on a diet and if you need to succeed then you need to steer clear away from any kind of fast food options. Then you need to definitely think again. Diet and weight loss have become such a popular thing these days that many fast food joints are serving healthy options which won’t ruin your diet.

You can choose grilled version of your favorite chicken sandwiches without cheese, vanilla ice crème, etc. and still stick to your healthy diet plan.

Some healthy food options:

Try McDonald’s

McDonald’s has finally made dieters say “Happy Meal”, as here you get great options to choose from. Try grilled version of chicken Caesar salad (which is full of vegetables), this contains just 220 calories and 6 gms of fat. You can also give Oat Raisin Cookie a try with just 140 calories and 5 gms of fat. Try the Granola with Fruit Yogurt Parfait (160 calories and 2 gms of fat); or opt for Strawberry Sundae (280 calorie & 6 gms fat)

Try Taco Bell

Unlike the popular belief Taco Bell also has some healthy choices. Try Crunchy Taco-(150 calories and 7 gms fat), Soft Grilled Steak Taco (170 calories and 5 gms fat), Bean Burrito (350 calories and 8 gms fat), Nacho Cheese Gordita Chicken (270 calories 10 gms fat).

Try Wendy’s

Yes this Hamburger joint can be good too, go for Jr. Hamburger with just 280 calories plus 9 gms fat or try the filling Frescata Club Sandwiches with around 440 calories as well as 16 gms fat.

Try Chick-fil-A

This one is great for fried chicken sandwich but it also has many healthy options available. The Chicken Char grilled Sandwich has around 270 calories with just 3.5 gms fat, or the 6 chicken nuggets has 200 calories with 9 gms fat, you can also opt for Chicken Spicy Cool Wraps with close to 380 calories with 6 gms fat.

Try Burger King

Opt for the Whopper Jr. here without mayonnaise of course (290 calories, 12 gms fat); or try Veggie Burger mayo less (340 calories 8 gms fat), best of all give Chicken Tender grill Caesar Salad a shot (220 calories 7 gms fat).

Try Panda Express

If you want Chinese go to the Panda Express. Pick their Chicken with Stringed Bean (160 calories 8 gms fat), or Beef and Broccoli (150 calories 7 gms fat). Feel full with Veg Chowmein (390 calories 12 gms fat).

After reading this I hope you wouldn’t complain of being on a diet and keeping away from fast food.

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