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Fast Ways To Lose Tummy Fat


Most obese people want to lose weight faster and get back in shape as the earliest. The process of accumulating weight or fat in your tummy is not a day’s miracle. Irregular lifestyle coupled with lack of proper use of consumed calories pile up on all the odd parts of the body like the tummy, hips and thighs etc.

Since the weight gain happens over a period of time, losing it too might test your patience. You have to cut down on your favorite pizzas and will have to reduce the soft drinks. Sounds pretty boring right? But do not worry, once you start with your workouts, the motivation will come along with little results that will be visible within a week.

You can never runaway from an exercise schedule and diet plan. Whether you want to lost tummy fat or reduce the piled on calories on your hips, only exercise and diet together can help you. Few exercises and diet tips are listed below, get motivated and start your regime today!

The diet tricks to lose tummy fat

Avoid taking all sorts of junk food and aerated drinks. Get rid of all the butter, ghee, cheeses that you have saved in your refrigerator. Use olive oil for cooking and also make a list of vegetables that have to be taken every day, thus rotate your diet. Do not overcook your food and decrease its nutritional value.

Instead use salads involving vegetables like cabbages, onions, lettuce, tomatoes, watermelons, broccoli, carrots, and celery etc. Avoid mangoes, bananas and potatoes- all high in calories and carbohydrates. Milk shakes of different flavors might sound tempting but these drinks are strict no-no except once in a while.

Include bread, white portion of the egg along with fresh juices in breakfast. Have fiber cereals like brown rice or bread with little vegetables and chicken in the lunch hours.  Skip eating anything after 8 pm and have milk if you are late night worker. Avoid red meat like beef or pork at all occasions.

Burn up fat on your tummy with exercises

Feared of doing crunches? Admit it or not, majority of the fittest people love doing crunches and will suggest everyone to do it. There are no displacements for good exercise regimen. However if you are still not very up for it, take a look on these small yet powerful ways to lose tummy fat faster and with equal effectiveness.

Circling up to lose tummy fat

Lie flat on your back with your palms facing the floor. Take your left leg up and make small circles in the air. Increase the circumference of the circles with time making counts of ten. Take normal breaths and let the rest of the body be at ease. Once you have done around twenty or thirty rounds, start with your right and repeat the same process. This is highly effective way to close fat on lower tummy, thighs and hips.

Cycling on the floor

No, you don’t have to use a cycle for this. All you have to do is lie flat on your back and use both your legs together like you are cycling in the air. This will create the effect that generally crunches do by making your fat burn. You will see that your body will be much more powerful and you will feel the abs area is much lighter.

Cardio and weightlifting for perfect abs

Get under a good trainer and do some cardio at least thrice in week. The magic of cardio has been often told by celebrities and fitness experts. Weightlifting can be done by almost everyone over the age of 18. While men are better at losing weight with weights, women too can use light weights for flatter abs. Buy weight training should be done under an expert and in a well equipped gym.

Multi dimensional workouts

Just while losing fat on your tummy, you have to ensure that the rest of the body gets ample workout as well. All you have to do is maintain the various types of exercises like cardio, running, weight training, yoga and breathing exercises on an overall platform. Concentrate on your thighs and hips as much you do in your tummy, else you will get bored of your regime very soon.

Stay honest top your weight loss plan

Whatever you have chalked out for losing fat on your tummy, be honest enough to follow it. Many people just because someone is not around, pop a candy or chocolate whenever they are hungry. This is what will accumulate as fat and will take days of workouts to vanish. Snack between your meals with fruits and juices. Better you can chalk out a six meal plan, so that your stomach is never empty.

Coming to what most people call as the fast techniques to lose weight, you need to know about the products. There are claiming companies that tell about losing weight on your tummy with a simple cream or some pills. Most of these pills and creams are neither good for your body nor for your skin. In fact medical practitioners and physicians never suggest unauthentic ways to lose tummy fat.

You have to take the routine ways of fat burning if you do not want to regret it at later ages. Your flat tummy can change your look manifold. But the process is what that matters. Do not believe in food fads and dieting-to-death plans. They work against the body because your body is not just deprived of the essential nutrients but will lose its immune system to various anorexic symptoms.

More than looking thin, it is more about looking fit and having a body that is well resistant to all diseases. Make up your mind and measure your tummy. Start your regime from tomorrow and see the difference in less than two weeks. You will have initial pains, hunger and lot more of body aches, but if you can stand all of those for small period, you will lose fat on your tummy faster than you imagine.

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