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Face Cleaning An Important Part Of Skin Care Routine

Face Cleaning An Important Part Of Skin Care Routine

Mostly women feel that washing their face every day with a good face wash is enough to keep their skin clean and fresh. If some women are more aware about skin care they think that facial is the best way to acre for your skin as it will make your face glow and keep the skin fresh.

But many women never realise the importance of Face Cleaning, which is an important part of skin care regimen. Whenever we enter a beauty parlour we just opt for facial and always ignore cleaning because ewe feel that facial is the ultimate skin care therapy. But let us check out how face cleaning is beneficial for our face and how it runs your dull and hydrated skin into a fresh and glowing skin.

Facial Vs Cleaning

Mostly beauty parlours ask you what d o you want on your face cleaning of facial and since you do not know about the benefits and the basic procedure of cleaning so you always opt for facial considering it as an ultimate beauty therapy. But do we ever realise that getting a facial once in a month is fine to keep your face glowing and refreshed, but if your skin just need face cleaning then why go for a lengthy facial process. OS in order to differentiate between the two it is very important to check out what face cleaning is and what all steps does it involve.

If you wash your face with face wash regularly or clean it with cleansing milk then your face looks clean for sometime only and the magic goes off very soon form your face. OS to keep your facial skin clean and fresh it is good to get face cleaning done at least twice in a month. The main difference between cleaning and facial is the cleaning products and the face packs which are used during the massage of the face.

The cleansing creams and the scrubs used for cleaning are totally different from the ones used for facial and in the same way the face packs used for cleaning are different from the ones used for facial. The facial are generally suggested after the age of 35 and that too once in a month whereas the face cleaning can be done on younger skin too. The younger generation loves getting eth cleaning done two or more times in a month to keep their skin clean and glowing. Face cleaning is useful for any skin type and it helps in keeping the skin healthy too.

Face cleaning is better than facial for younger women, teenagers, college going girls and working women too. In facial the face massage is done for 20-25 minutes which is a pretty long time so if you are short of time you will never go for facial. While in case of cleaning the scrubbing and the face massage is done for a shorter period, so if you are in hurry then it is a good option for you to make your face look good. Many beauty parlours use steam too after scrubbing in face cleaning.

The face cleaning is done according to the skin type. It is very helpful in removing the dead tissues and cells from our skin thus giving it a fresh look. Face cleaning make sour skin clean by opening the skin pores and thus the skin is able to breather nicely. In case of facial too the dead cells are removed but just the upper layer is cleaned , while in case of face cleaning the skin pores are also cleaned an thus they help in breathing of the skin more nicely.

Benefits of face cleaning

Regular washing of face, moisturising it and applying a toner makes your skin more soft and flexible. This way the face clean helps in removing the dark spots, black heads, white heads and improves the blood circulation too .Many woman face the problem of developing acne or pimples due to facial or rashes also appear on sensitive skin , such women can get a face clean . Face cleaning is and effective skin treatment for such woman and they can get a face clean according to their skin type so that there are no pimples or rashes.

Cane prone skin

Beauty experts suggest using Antiseptic face wash, Alcohol free skin toner, aloe Vera and neem based face pack and oil control lotions on acne prone skin, to save the skin form acnes. If your skin is acne prone then during face clean you should not use any type of scrub on your face.

Dry skin due to heat

For the skin which has become dry due to exposure to the sun you should use lime and turmeric containing cleansing milk during face cleaning. Apply anti-tanning scrub on your face and massage in circular motions for 10 minutes and remove all the dead cells and the dust accumulated on the skin. Add some curd in papaya or cucumber containing face cream and massage it on your face. Use anti tanning face pack just for 20 minutes and then wash your face with cold water. Now let your face dry and then in the end apply rose water and pat it dry on your whole face.

Tired and dull skin

Apply milk or cucumber containing cleansing milk on n your face. Massage your face with a scrub containing almonds, walnuts or anjeer and massage the scrub in circular motion for 10 minutes on your face. Apply a face pack with fruits, clay or gold pack and then after 15 minutes wash your face with cold water and your skin will look clean and fresh as rose.

Sensitive skin

If your skin is sensitive and it develops pimples or rashes after facial then you should get a face clean done with fresh fruits on your face. Take some fresh fruits like tomato or papaya and add some milk and turmeric and mash them properly. This mixture is used for massaging your face and it acts as natural bleach too for your skin. This type of face cleaning shows its effect on the second day after cleaning. So wait for the glowing effect and keep your skin clean this summer with these effective face cleaning tricks.

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