Effective Treatments For Achilles Tendonitis

Effective Treatments For Achilles Tendonitis

Are you suffering from the problem of Achilles tendonitis? Do you have knowledge with respect to treatment for Achilles tendonitis? Here, we shall throw light on some effective ways to treat Achilles tendonitis.

However, before we discuss about treatment options for Achilles tendonitis, we would first discuss what Achilles tendonitis is. Achilles tendonitis refers to a health condition associated with inflammation and pain in the ankle. The problem occurs due to an injury in ankle, which is very common among recreational athletes.

The pain and inflammation in the Achilles tendon basically arises due to excessive use of the tendon. An individual may also see some welling in the ankle as a result of the inflammation. The microscopic and degenerative tears inside the tendon result in ankle pain, inflammation and swelling, with the condition known as Achilles tendonitis. There are various ways to treat Achilles tendonitis, which have been discussed as under.

6 Effective Treatments For Achilles Tendonitis

Achilles tendonitis can be treated in an effective way with the help of below discussed remedies:


First of all, it is very important to allow the tendon to rest for a day or two, so that the inflammation in the ankle does not aggravate. In case the problem is very severe, immobilization of ankle may be required during the resting phase.

Ice pack

Cold pack of ice is regarded to be a very good treatment for Achilles tendonitis. The inflammation in the ankle would be reduced with the help of application of cold pack on the ankle twice or thrice in a day. The pack should not be extended for more than twenty minutes at a particular time, to prevent the tissues from getting damaged.


Wrapping an ace bandage on and around the ankle would help in reducing the inflammation in the ankle in a considerable way.


Exercises like maintaining balance on toes, wall stretching, calf stretching and toe raising are regarded to be quite useful in treating Achilles tendonitis. The strength and flexibility of the ankle would be improved and an individual would be able to get rid of the inflammation and pain in the ankle with the help of these exercises.


There are several anti inflammatory drugs, pain relievers and injections which help in dealing with the problem of Achilles tendonitis. An individual would find great level of relief with the help of the prescribed drugs, thus helping to recover soon.


In rare cases, surgery of the ankle may be required to treat Achilles tendonitis. However, this should be opted as the last alternative only. Proper examination of the ankle is done before the surgery.

All the aforementioned tips to treat Achilles tendonitis would help in improving the condition of the ankle in an effective way. Of all the tips given above, it is advised to opt for natural methods as far as possible.

Medical treatments should be opted only if natural methods do not work. The drugs and pills would surely give instant results; but in the long run, they may have side effects, as they contain lot of harmful chemicals.

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