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Effective Tips To Prevent Hair Loss


Hair fall and its depressing outcome is all the more true among the younger people. Previously hair loss in men was a thing which showed up after the age of 30 .

Causes Of Hair Loss

Hair loss in men is the craft of their inherited genes. If your father or any male ancestor in your clan suffered baldness, you are likely to develop it at some point of time. There are millions of guys who had no family history of male type of baldness and are the unfortunate beginners of Androgenic alopecia.

The ultra chic not-eating state and then devouring junk food in the name of rescuing your appetite is doing no good but promoting hair fall by secluding your body from the required amount of proteins, vitamins, minerals and other nutrients. These components are necessary to catalyse physiological reactions which promote hair growth and prevent hair fall.

Besides, the greater pollution level, stress, smoking habits, alcohol and physical disorders are the other conditions that only add fuel to the fire.

The frequent hair treatments and application of one after another hair loss solutions for men only causes more abuse to your hair roots rather than creating any one-of-a-kind effect. It is for you to reason out, which sounds better rejuvenating hair buds and preventing hair loss for ever or to toil around with weird medicines and making the situation even worse and irreversible.

When Is The Right Time To Fight Back Hair Loss

You are more subjected to identify hair loss if you are under 30. This by no means validates that you can skip off hair fall episodes without minimal alarm if you are a teenager or a young adult. Thus, the right time to respond meaningfully to male type of baldness and search for hair loss remedies is as soon as you see persistent hair fall for a week or so. If you witness hair fall post illness, it’s not that alarming, but you need to care to vitalize the hair roots if you want to regain your hair with its previous volume and shine.

Effective Tips For Hair Loss

Every morning start your day with a glass of water and 4 – 5 almonds in empty stomach. Almond is a rich source of vitamin E and taking it in empty stomach assures its optimum absorption. When you support this routine by drinking juice of Indian gooseberry (Amlaki) , rich in folic acid you are sure to discover a best treatment for hair loss.

Simultaneously feeding yourself with protein rich diet and taking vitamins containing zinc and sulphur is sure to eradicate hair loss within 15 days. Though protein is recommended for hair loss, it does not mean animal protein completely. It’s best if you care to take pulses, especially kidney beans as your daily protein supplement.

Three Forms Of Hot Oil Mixes At Home

Massage your scalp with three different homemade hot oil mixes thrice a week. Once with sesame oil and milk hot oil mix, then with coconut oil and fenugreek seed hot oil mix and finally with mustard oil and paste of hibiscus flower hot oil mix. You can prepare them by yourself, just boil each mixture once and allow cooling. Massage gently to scalp for great circulation and hair strengthening.

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