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Effective Lower Abdominal Exercises For Men

Effective Lower Abdominal Exercises For Men

Fitness is something you cannot ignore as it stays with you till the end of time. Men are very particular about fitness in general. They want the perfect arms, right buttocks and are specifically conscious about the abdomen. The craze of having 6 pack and 8 pack abs started way back and still continues to gain popularity among men.

Speaking of abdomen, people think that men do not care about their bodies like women but they are as conscious and worried about their physical appearance. Going to the gym does not give you the perfect 8 or 6 pack abs. To get the killer abs, you need to work your abdomen by doing lower abdominal exercises.

If you think that doing cardio will result in perfect abdomen, then it is a wrong notion. There are some exercises which really work your upper abdomen but isolate your lower part. You need to do some effective lower abdominal exercises which are tailor-made for men which are mentioned below.

Different Lower Abdominal Exercises

Side Crunches using Exercise Ball

You might have heard about crunches in which you fold your legs at the knee and push yourself up. The fact that doing 200 of those in a day can benefit you a lot in many ways is more of a reason you should try the side crunches using an exercise ball. An exercise ball can increase the intensity of the abs exercises and give you better results.
In the side crunches, you need to rest your back on an exercise ball that you can easily find in your local gym or even buy one from a fitness store. This exercise will help you get rid of extra fat on the sides of your body and you will also get those desired 6 pack abs.

Work your Lower Abs With Bicycles Crunches

Bicycle crunches are perfect for lower abs as they work the muscles of the problem area and tone it. In order to do this, you need to lie down straight on your abs. Then, you need to bend legs and use your arms to raise head up.

Now you need to bring your left leg close to your chest and use your left elbow to touch the leg which is stretched. You can do the same with your right leg and left elbow. This can be a little difficult for beginner but if you want good lower abs, then you need to work hard. You can repeat it as many times till your body gives you signs that you need to stop.

Leg Raises to Tone your Lower Abs

Leg raises can be painful for beginners but you can easily do hundreds of them in a day once you get used to it.

In leg raises, all you need to do is raise your legs by lifting your lower body. This is an excellent exercise if you do it regularly and using the right technique. Leg raises will tone up your lower abs really well.

Hanging on a Bar

Hanging on a bar may sound easy to most of us but in this exercise, you need to really push yourself. This exercise can be done in a gym or wherever you find a pull-up bar. What you need to do is hang straight from a pull-up bar and then contract your gut muscles and then tuck the pelvis in to work your lower abs.

The hardest part is that you need to hold this while you raise your legs. This will increase the intensity of the exercise and give you good results. You need to raise your legs as high as you can as that will help you work the muscles in your abs. For good results, you should hold the contraction for as many seconds but the sole purpose of this exercise is that you touch the pull-up bar with your toes.

However, it might be hard for some people but even if you do not manage to bring your toes up till the bar – it will still work your lower abdominal. It is a superb exercise for a man that is a must if you want great abs.

Getting the perfect abs is not a one day process. You would need to work really hard and wait patiently. Follow the above mentioned exercises and you will definitely see results in no time. Combine regular cardio exercises and weight training with lower abdominal exercises and the net result will be in front of your eyes very soon.

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