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Effective Home Remedies For Vomiting


Vomiting in medical terms is known as emesis.

Vomiting in medical terms is known as emesis. Vomiting is generally not a serious health problem. Most often, it is your body’s reaction to a temporary problemIt is the forceful expulsion of the gastric contents out of the mouth due to contraction of stomach muscles. The causes of vomiting are food poisoning, infection of digestive tract, pregnancy, excessive alcohol, migraine, etc.

Symptoms of vomiting are increase in saliva, head feeling light, increase in heartbeat and body temperature, difficulty in swallowing etc. Though vomiting is a natural reflex but if it persists for long time then it may be an indication of another serious disorder in the body.

Home Remedies For Vomiting

Cinnamon Or Cumin Seeds

The stick or powdered form of cinnamon boiled in water, strained and cooled can be taken few times in a day to lower the occurrence of vomiting. Half a spoon of dried and powdered cumin seeds eaten at regular intervals improves the condition and ends vomiting.


Ginger has a lot of medicinal properties and can also be used for preventing vomiting and nausea. The best way to consume ginger is by adding it to tea. Ginger tea should be taken few times in a day to cure the problem of vomiting. If a person can bear the bitter taste of ginger, it can be eaten raw also.


The acidic nature of lemon is very efficacious in treating the disorder of vomiting. Few spoons of lemon juice added to cold water containing sugar and salt helps to prevent vomiting and improves the digestive functioning. This liquid should be taken every 2-3hrs for effective treatment.


Apple cider vinegar can help ease a queasy feeling. It helps calm the stomach and aids detoxification. It also helps treat food poisoning, thanks to its antimicrobial properties. Mix one tablespoon of apple cider vinegar and one tablespoon of honey in a glass of water. Drink it and repeat as necessary.

Monitoring Diet

Monitoring the diet is very important to prevent any further chances of vomiting. There is a strong wrong notion that since vomiting has emptied your stomach you need to eat as soon as possible. The diet for the first 12hours should only include liquids since vomiting may cause dehydration in the body. Juices of fruits like watermelon and cantaloupe are highly beneficial because of high water content in it.

Avoid eating citrus fruits and dairy products as they further aggravate the condition. In the next 12 hours, you can add boiled vegetables like potato, fruits like banana and apple and rice in your diet. Start with light meals after 24 hours. It is always better to avoid oily, fried and fatty foods, alcohol, carbonated drinks for the next few days.


Cardamom helps to prevent the urge of vomiting. Few cloves of cardamom can be chewed few times in a day. Another method of eating cardamom is roasting it and making a powder of it. The powdered cardamom should be eaten with a spoon of honey or it can also be added to food to prevent vomiting.

Juice Of Mint Or Onion

Mint juice mixed with lemon juice,ginger juice and a spoon of honey helps to reduce the occurrence of vomiting. This mixture can be taken many times in a day till one gets positive result. A spoon of onion juice every few hours also decrease the frequency of vomiting and ultimately stop it.

Mint Leaves

Rather than going for ready-made herbal teas to stop throwing up, brew a cup of mint tea! This can be done by steeping some dried mint leaves in a cup of boiling water for an hour. Strain and consume. Alternatively, you can chew on fresh mint leaves to ease vomiting.

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