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Effective Home Remedies for Myopia


Myopia can also relate to short sightedness in common terms. The most common signs for the condition of myopia are in the form of blurred vision and dizziness.

In many cases, there is possible heaviness around the area of eyes.

Many people also suffer from headache for condition of myopia. Though, most of the people opt for glasses and lenses for condition of myopia. It can be reduced by certain natural remedies. A regular balanced diet can also help to improve the condition of myopia.

Symptoms of myopia

  • Regular headaches
  • Light sensitivity at nighttime
  • Eye strain because of the pressure exerted while trying to focus
  • Strained focus tends to cause a squint in the eyes

Natural tips to cure myopia

There are various natural herbs which are effective in curing the condition of myopia.

Myroblan and Triphala

Herbs like myroblan and triphala can be taken on daily basis to cure the condition of myopia. You can use these herbs in powdered form with the use of warm water. It’s effective in curing the condition of myopia.

Vitamin A

Intake of vitamin A on daily basis can help to cure the condition of myopia. You can opt for vitamin A in natural form or in the form of supplements. You can include vitamin A in natural form in your daily diet plan. Veggies like spinach, cabbage and carrot are rich in source of vitamin A. You can also opt for carrot juice on regular basis. It helps to reduce the condition of myopia.


Liquorices are very effective for curing the condition of myopia. You can include this in natural form on daily basis. You can have liquorices in powdered form along with warm water. You can also opt for honey for enhancing its taste. It positively helps to cure the condition of myopia in an effectual manner.

Fresh Fruits

Diet plays a very important part for curing the condition of myopia. Try and include basic fresh fruits in your daily diet plan. You can also include fresh fruit juices on daily basis. For this condition, apple juice is very effective for curing your myopia.

Beet Juice

Intake of beet juice on daily basis can also help to cure the condition of myopia.

Eye Exercises

According to research conducted at the Ophthalmology Department, Christchurch Hospital, Christchurch, New Zealand by Rawstron, Burley and Elder, eye exercises do have an effect on myopic conditions. Today, ophthalmologic doctors are recommending eye exercises along with medication and prescription glasses. Yoga is yet another source for eye exercises.

The Sun Rise for Treatment of Myopia

This is one of the traditional methods to treat eye problems, although it won’t work like magic, but it is beneficial for good eye health. Treatment for myopia also includes watching the sunrise for about 5 minutes. To do this, you should wake up early in the morning before the sun actually starts rising. Walk out from your home to the place where you can easily see the sun rising. This will not only help you treat myopia, but also keep other parts of our body healthy. Don’t forget that watching the sunrise early in the morning also refresh your mind as well.


Ayurveda, the ancient Indian medicinal system describes various ways to treat eye diseases. One such prescription for myopia is through Triphala or a mix of three fruit extracts. These include beleric, Indian gooseberry, and yellow myrobalan. Triphala is available in Ayurvedic medicine shops or the mix can be prepared at home from fresh fruits or their extracts.

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