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Cold and cough are the common problem in our life. There are various factors which can cause cold and cough. During a climate change these problems become very common and almost everyone experiences it. Exposure to extreme cold is also a reason for cold and cough. Though cough and cold are common ailments but they can be very dangerous if not treated in time. Cough when not cure can lead to various other health complications.

Various Symptoms Of Cold And Cough

Hence, it is very important to get treatment of cough and cold in time. Various symptoms of cough and cold include headache, running nose, stiffness in breathing, mild body pain, tiredness, restlessness etc.

Medications: Most of the people go for over the counter medications to get a quick relief from cold and cough. However, long term consumption of these medications may lead to other health complications. Studies have revealed the fact that there are various side effects associated with these medications.

Hence it is advisable to avoid these medications. There are various home remedies and herbal remedies available for the treatment of the common ailments like cold and cough.

How To Cure Common Cold And Cough

These remedies are free from any type of side effect and are easily available in almost no cost.

Ginger with Honey:  Consumption of honey on a regular basis is the best remedy for avoiding cough and cold. Honey when taken with ginger extract keeps cough and cold away from us. Taking one spoonful of honey with ginger extract twice a day is very effective in cough and cold.

Marshmallow Root: If you experience a dry cough, you can take marshmallow root. Marshmallow roots are very helpful in curing dry cough.

Herbal Tea: Taking herbal tea is very helpful in reducing the symptoms of common cold and cough. Take herbal tea several times a day. It will sooth the throat and will make the breathing easy. You can take peppermint tea for curing cold and cough.

Take: Take slippery elm bark. Drink hot drink like soup. Peppermint

Don’t Take: Cold things such as cold drinks, ice creams etc.

It will reduce the congestion very quickly and will give a quick relief from cold and cough. In case the symptoms are persistent and none of these remedies are helpful, you are advised to consult a doctor immediately.

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