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Effective Home Remedies For Fever


Fever is not a disease it is just a symptom. A person having a body temperature of more than 100 degrees body temperature is said to be suffering from fever.

Natural treatments for Fever:

Drink plenty of water:

Drinking a whole lot of water will help in replacing fluid loss as flowing of fluid is very important for human body and is a common cause behind fever. Wear only light clothes that will keep you get more comfort.

As solid foods are not to be taken within the fever and this can be done by replacing the foods by drinking plenty of distilled water. At the time of fever patient should not take any kind of supplement which contains IRON and ZINC as iron causes great tension in a body and zinc is not readily absorbed by the body. When the children are suffering from fever do not gave them aspirin, instead try to reduce the fever with cold baths.

Also avoid the patient with suddenly changes in atmospheric pressures. If the body temperature does not exceed 102 degrees let it run its course because it helps in bringing down the temperature and it will fight against infection and also eliminates toxins from our body.

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