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Effective Herbs For Enlarged Heart

Enlarged Heart

Heart is the most important part of our circulatory system. The heart muscles work nonstop throughout our life to pump blood in our capillaries so every single organ can receive blood supply which is essential for living. Heart enlargement is a condition where the muscles of the heart walls increase abnormally in size. It indicates the occurrence of multiple diseases in the body at a time. Mainly two kinds of heart enlargement is observed – hypertrophy and dilation of heart.

Best Herbs For Enlarged Heart

Cayenne Pepper

Regular intake of ½ teaspoon of Cayenne Pepper mixed with water or used in dressings for various salads is beneficial for enlarged hearts. Apple cider vinegar (one tablespoon per day), a mixture of blackstrap molasses or organic honey (a tablespoon) with vinegar, and cayenne pepper have the same effect on heart.

When a person has the chances of heart burn he/she can use some cooling greens like dill or cucumber salsa. It is beneficial for respiratory system as it reduces mucous, increases blood circulation and promotes sweating through which harmful toxins are excreted out via skin.

Herbal Tonic

A herbal tonic composed of rosemary, ginger and ginkgo extract is extremely beneficial for the circulatory system. Circu-Live is one such natural tonic that is approved by food and drug administration. This tonic reduces swelling and bloating of the heart and aids in better circulation, which prevents the problem from recurring too.


Turmeric is an herb that has been praised for its medicinal values for centuries in the east. It has been used widely in India and China for healing wounds, scars, cuts and bruises. Turmeric can heal any wound without leaving scars. It is also a beneficial home remedy for enlarged heart.

Basically turmeric has healing properties, like reducing inflammation and swelling, which are the most common symptoms of an enlarged heart.


Cinnamon oil has extensive anti clotting properties and thus regulates the blood flow in the vessels properly preventing thickening of blood. The Cinnamon essential oil is also very useful for increasing metabolism, keeping the stomach healthy and controlling blood sugar levels.

Cinnamon also acts as a great stress and anxiety reliever, which are the major causes of enlarged heart. It reduces swelling while controlling the enlargement of the heart.

Leafy Green Herbs

These leafy green vegetables have cooling properties and are basically cooling herbs. Mainly consumed with salads, garnishes and salsas these herbs supply a great deal of chlorophyll and magnesium to the body regularly.

They are rich in antioxidants and vitamin content (especially vitamin A and C). These herbs improve circulation of vital nutrients and anti-oxidants to the heart, reduce cholesterol levels and reduce swelling and inflammation too.


It is a very useful herb when comes to curing circulatory problems. This herb has many positive effects on the blood circulatory system such as boosting the immunity system, protecting the blood vessels from damage etc. This herb is rich in antioxidant content too.

Rosemary effectively reduces histamine stimulated vaso-constriction and thus is good for the respiratory system too and reduces the size of the enlarged heart.


It is a herb that is highly praised for its rich antioxidant (especially selenium) content and anti inflammatory actions. It reduces mucous secretion in respiratory tracts thus keeps the system healthy and reduces heart enlargement.


This herb promotes both urination and sweating and thus plays a key role in detoxifying the body. The herb reduces fat deposition and is rich in antioxidants. By reducing fat deposits, it helps the heart get back to its normal shape faster.

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