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Effective Herbal Remedies For Pregnancy

pregnancy herbal remedies

Pregnancy is a vital stage in every woman’s life. It is a phase of happiness and mental satisfaction. However, pregnancy can and does have many problems and complications associated with it. For instance, women may often face hormonal and menstrual problems during pregnancy.

Other than that, morning sickness and stress are also common in pregnant women. Although there are several types of medications available for these complications, these can be easily and more safely dealt with these below mentioned herbs, which ensure an all-round support to pregnant women.

Most Effective Herbal Remedies For Pregnancy


Cardamom is a one of those few herbs that has no noted side effects associated with it. To top that, cardamom being a readily available herb can be used at one’s own discretion. Cardamom tea has been found to be extremely effective for fighting morning sickness that pregnant women often suffer from.

It relieves the feeling of nausea and also helps to tame down the stomach cramps. A phytochemical compound present in cardamom known as cineole helps to relieve the mind of stress and anxiety related to childbirth and keeps the mind calm and happy. Being a safe herb, cardamom can be easily used even during pregnancy.

Goat’s Rue

Goat’s rue is one of the most prominent galactogogue herbs used since the ancient times. Tannins and other bioactive compounds found in goat’s rue make it a strong nervine herb, which helps to keep the nerves calm and composed, thereby taking away all the stress of childbirth.

Apart from that, regular use of goat’s rue has been proven to boost the generation of breast milk. Its power to regularize menses, without imposing any threats to the health makes goat’s rue an ideal herb for even pregnant women. Goat’s rue is ideally used in the form of herbal teas.


Motherwort is considered to be one of the best herbal remedies for women. Ranging from calming stress and anxiety to relieving the pain of childbirth, motherwort provides an all-round support to pregnant women. Being an emmenagogue herb, this herb helps to regularize periods.

However, its use during pregnancy should be strictly restricted, except in the last few weeks of pregnancy, when it can actually help to open up the pelvis, thereby inducing labor and minimizing the pain of childbirth.

To top that, regular use of motherwort during the last few weeks of pregnancy can actually help to blow away the stress and anxiety associated with childbirth. The benefits of motherwort can be best reaped by using it in the form of herbal tea. However, this herb also comes packed in the form of capsules, tonics and extracts.


Skullcap is often used in combination with motherwort to ease out the process of childbirth. This herb when used in the last trimester of pregnancy can induce labor pain other than opening up the pelvis for ease of childbirth. Skullcap being a mild sedative herb, also helps to vanish the anxiety and stress that remains always associated with pregnancy.

Skullcap is extremely soothing on the nervous system and also helps to normalize hormonal problems. The best thing about using skullcap is it also delivers the body calcium, zinc, magnesium, potassium and other important minerals and bioactive compounds.

Blessed Thistle

Just as the name suggests, this herb is truly a blessing for women. Not only does it helps to normalize hormone secretion but also stimulates the production of breast milk. Apart from that, blessed thistle being an estrogenic herb also helps to deal with the problems of hormonal imbalance.

The best and most feasible means of using blessed thistle is to use the dried leaves of the plant to prepare herbal teas. Other than that, it can also be used in extract forms.

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