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Eating Tips For a Flat Belly


If you have no time to make your tummy flat due to plenty of work to do you need to follow a diet for weight loss. In this diet you can have food items that are rich in monounsaturated fatty acids. They are compounds, found in plants which will aid you to lose weight and also get rid of belly fat.

The best part of the diet is that you can eat tasty foods like avocado, nuts, seeds, olives, dark chocolate, and even oil. These have large amounts of healthy fats in them.

Here are the list- How to eat for Flat Belly:

Olives and Hummus

Make sure that you include plenty of olives in your diet. You can enjoy olives along with tomatoes and hummus. Take a toasted English muffin made of whole wheat. Cut it into halves. Now smear two tablespoons of hummus on the two pieces. Thinly slice five olives and one tomato. Arrange these slices on top of the hummus. After enjoying this dish eat an orange. You will get only 362 calories from this meal.

Waffles and Olives

There are other dishes in which you can add olives. Why don’t you try to prepare Florentine waffles? First of all make two whole grain waffles. Then spread some black olive tape­nade, which is a delicious paste. Arrange some scrambled egg whites and some spinach leaves on top. Use cooking spray to scramble the egg whites. Along with this you should have half cup of red or green grapes.

Mediterranean Salad with Black Olives

Have you ever tasted a Mediterranean salad? In this dish you can enjoy lots of black olives. Rinse and drain half cup of chickpeas, chop one cucumber, and cut half cup of cherry tomatoes into halves. Toss these ingredients along with ten big black olives and one tablespoon of lemon juice. You can enjoy this salad with one big toasted pita made of whole wheat. 398 calories will be gained from this meal.

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